In Minsk mission arrived the International Labour Organization

International Labour Organization concluded that in Belarus rights are violated-independent unions. This will involve the EU sanctions, which will take effect from June 21.
In this scenario, the Belarusian government invited the International Minsk goal Labour Organization and pledged to continue cooperation with the social partners in the country.
During the mission’s visit, which will last until June 23, is expected to discuss the Government prepared draft law "On Trade Unions".
ILO calls on the Belarusian government to consult with all social partners to the project and the right to make democratic practice configuration.
Tomorrow, when they start to act the EU sanctions, the mission perceive the role special meeting in Parliament for legislation improvement in the labor and social spheres.

Lena Kolos: "The government has long been working to implement these tips."

Chairman of the council, the first Deputy Minister of Labour Lena Kolos, said that journalists at this meeting will not be allowed. And will the Belarusian side advice to meet the ILO?
"Which means — go? Long been working on the implementation of these government councils. And at the International Labour Conference Standards Committee confirmed progress in the implementation of a number of councils. Which means — go or no go? We go, we play them," — said Ms. Kolos.
Spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Galina Trofimenko said:
"No comment for the press, we now still can not give. We do not know what mood as to hold talks. ‘Cause maybe tomorrow. Maybe."
Mission plans to meet with the Ministers of Labour and Foreign Affairs. According to the representative of the International Labour Organization, the European Union resolved the issue of sanctions and it is not the reason for the meeting.

Alexander Yarashuk: "Only if really will produce tips, you can count on our initiative to return preferences.".

Chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk also met with the ILO mission.
Sovereign Yarashuk does not exclude that Belarusian authorities will continue to engage in manipulation:
"Create a precedent, and our government should be particularly seriously this situation. Let them have a headache. They made the situation even decide. We are ready for constructive cooperation.
Tomorrow, we will extend our statement about the EU decision. Only in this case will be made really advice you can count on our initiative to return these preferences. That’s just in this case. "

June 21, the European Union cancels trade concessions for products exported from Belarus. In this regard, imports from Belarus will be subject to standard European duties. They are 3 percent higher preferred rates, which benefited to Belarus This time.
Earlier, the EU canceled trade preferences for Burma in 1999.

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