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Vincze wisely: "We are experiencing a spiritual catastrophe"

September 11 provinces novelist Mudrova 55 years. And although the writer does not like to celebrate their own day of birth, and even round excellent choice, we could not ignore this fact biography of our former colleagues. On Literature and Life of provinces Mudrova talked Valentine Aksak.
Valentine Aksak: "The Emperor Vintses you — created 5 books of prose:" Ladies poolside "," History of the 1st crime "," Winter Dreams, "" turned to ashes "and" Album of the home. "Readers tired of waiting for your new books, even more so, that frequent your publications in periodicals such give them hope. rejoice when new books? "
Vintses Mudrov: "As for naming books, the prose of net can be called only two first, published in the early 90-ies." Winter Dreams "- a book-homemade. It appeared due diligence and Ales Arkusha written Novopolotsk Publishing, with enough bad seal. Well, the last book — "transformed into ashes" and "Album of the home" — a collection of essays, reminiscences and newspaper articles. I’ve got accumulated body of fiction texts, some things still wrote in the last century. Texts little ones I print in the journal "verb", which actually is the only Belarusian literary platform, and hang it on virtually everyone who is interested in Belarusian reddish writing. These incidents and release me from having to duplicate it printed stories in the book version. Well, besides, that now publish a book of prose benign, requires a minimum of three thousand dollars. Such means I do not have a handle to any funds or request money from sponsors do not have to. "
Aksak: "Kurt Vonegut argued that humor helps human life. All of your work, as well as works of the famous South American writer, imbued with humor. But your humor is not focused on the present life, and in the past, or, more precisely Russian. Why? And fires in your case thesis writer Kurt Voneguta? "
Wisely: "At the time I wrote some rather scathing texts on current realities forward to. Well, slashed yuvenalavym whip with one purpose — to avoid accusations of political abachlivastsi. One of these works -" Hot Summer zero "- published in the magazine" The Source " . Afterwards editor, as I understand, was summoned to the Presidential Office for cardiac preventive conversation. Another thing — "Holiday story" — appeared in the already mentioned "Dzeyaslove." In the end, was banned distribution of the magazine in the municipal shops and kiosks. U Kurt Voneguta, incidentally, is the novel "Do not throw pearls before swine, Mr. Rozaotar." For navachasnaga Belarusian writer is fully worthy of the parade. I deliberately did not distanced itself from the present, but my soul remained somewhere out there in the late 60s and early 70s of the last century. Since then place my heroes. Said time is fun besides the fact that it was then quite zdegradavali Belarusians as a civilization. "

Aksak: "You seem to be the only Belarusian writer who knows the Albanian language and the translation of it. Why not print these translations?"

Wisely: "The claim that the wise knows specifically Albanian language — beautiful myth. Essentially I, looking in the dictionary, read the front page of the newspaper albanskay, and as literary translation, here my knowledge is obviously not enough. But a couple of short stories translated Albanian classic Mideni — famous poet and writer, whose creative and up almost used up the fate of the fate of our Maxim Bogdanovich. A general Albanians became hard to talk right now. I met twice with the famous writer Yerga cronies, who translated Pushkin, Yesenin, Shevchenko, and asked him to translate " Who goes there? "Yanka Kupala. Yerga cronyism, which, by the way, soon after our last meeting perish correctly gave realize that Albanians will not forgive us hugs and Milosevic Lukashenko and Belarusian poets translate because they do not hunt."
Aksak: "A general who either that motivates you, and how your work autobiographical? Or transformed into literature meeting with youthful love, the memory of wanton satisfaction or endless despair friendly treason or irreversible loss of parents?"
Wisely: "Belarusian fine writing — not a freebie and not eradicated food and heavy cross. This year for the first time in the last 20 years in the Belarusian provincial town Maladziechna not submitted any 1st application for training kids in Belarusian. In my long Novapolatsk such statements are not falling, and the streets cleaned last Belarusian-language signs. We are experiencing a real spiritual and national catastrophe! zeal not to die Belarusian issue and forces me to sit down at the computer. And I want to see, I do not like anniversaries and even more do not like commemorative newspaper notes. So I ask the audience not to tie Liberty is my interview before my 55th birthday. "
Creators and works

His first poetry book "The Return"

Nicholas Kostyukevich published in 1990 in the underground "Publishing K. Pyantkovskaga." About her whereabouts did not even know the creators, printers in contact with only through abanementskuyu box. Subsequent collection of "Germany" was also released in the beyond, but in the legal publishing "Development" in 1995 and was the last book edition of the poet. Is modern writer long silence? Nicholas Kostyukevich answered questions Misha Scoble.
Michas Scoble: "Nicholas, one of the last issues of" Writers’ House "we had read about writers who, for one reason or another thrown write. It seems to me that you are also from time to time" throw "literature. LATEST your book came out 13 years ago. You write occasionally, or just occasionally vydaetsesya? "
Nicholas Kostyukevich: "Most probably, then, and then converged together. I write only when I have the corresponding attitude and if I feel that" matured "to the scriptures. Fact that I could write at the moment, I do not like, and the fact that he would like, still lacks "maturity." There comes a time, I "mature" when God gives you, and then we get new texts. occasionally I type, because I try to respond only to those who give me to write, and not before yourself, friends and literature. In this world we are less free than we think, and this independence from Zvyshnyaga sheltered our real freedom. Us "lead", and the best way, "lead", and it depends on us not only to stop this "management" and not to spoil their ambitions and passions is a natural movement. If you focus on eternity, it does not matter, once in 10 years you drukuessya or once a week. Writers who once a year to produce a book, and so lacking . "
Scoble: "In the early 90-ies were you doing fashionable while bodybuilding and even seems to have won the competition. I understand that a healthy body needs to be healthy spirit, but still do not harm the body or such enormous loads for which you were going for muscle relief? "
Kostyukevich: "I was obliged to go to these enormous loads, because by nature I am not endowed with a strong health. Me in due time because of disgusting doctors forbade raise gravity, bend, etc. Because I was bound to temper your own body, friction, make some effort. I dragged iron barbell squat 180 kg. everything was done so as not to complex, to be relaxed, so that the physical limitations did not prevent my spiritual search. confess great results in bodybuilding
, I did not reach, because virtually no formal performed, but the one time earning money in clandestine fights without rules. "
Scoble: "And then you have long worked as a watchman in the State Library. They say that those who work in the library, do not like to read books — bored at work. A repulsed not you have a job hunt to read?"
Kostyukevich: "When I worked in the library (if it was still on the street Krasnoarmejsky), it was almost the least productive period of my spiritual growth. As an employee, I had the right to take books home. At the time I read the blessing of all the work on the Middle Ages, in the including German creators, thoroughly reworked those layers literature that motivate me. If I were I an ordinary reader, this literature was not easily accessible to me. So thanks to the library, I was sated knowledge and love of reading (I have it since 4 years) incurable, is the acquired disease. "
Scoble: "To one of your infrequent publications had such entry:" After subconsciously — in particular. The poet tries to tell that exists, but does not manifest itself: pass through abstraction is why there are no words — love, death, pain, perfect world and its relationship with the world real. "And what do you mean by the term" special "? "
Kostyukevich: "This is, first, the other states of being, say, a physical condition. Couple of times I’ve build my physical body, which lay motionless, as I watched from the side. This status was short lived, but he was. Was a case where a member called me ambulance, doctors came brought me back to life. after I tried to describe the very state in which I have visited and t m Spisavshy three sheets of paper words, I came to one conclusion: the highest pleasure — is death. convey in words the state — the same that fired a projectile from a gun. not work, because the caliber completely wrong. "
Scoble: "World-renowned doctor Movdi outlined the order of 1 500 cases of clinical death. And he brought "syarednearytmetychnae" feeling, which is approximately uniform in all patients. Do you believe in unending existence of the soul? "
Kostyukevich: "I believe — completely! Judging by the states in which I have visited, this is — or parallel lives, or the past. Anyway," that "life goes beyond the" this ", in which I exist at the moment. If I had not believed or denied "that" world, then to me it would be something wrong. "
NICHOLAS Kostyukevich. With new works
Rather short summer romance
(Lyrical rosary)

And instead of the heart in dreams lily …
Forever numb,
land grope
houses roof …
still shy
stirred in ground light.
freshening uniformly grew
after the burst and flooded
his cheery golden oil
skyscrapers still dry.
And the attempt-
nulasya the demise of the soul,
Sleep promised continuation
and fear God shrank twilight
from prachuvannya as utopnet
Spratt in solar swung
tin roofs splash blinded.
At the agorany haze day
flowed over the city and people
molten copper sky.
As if empty — no accident.
And you gave me to understand,
which can be
at once
things more difficult words
and sweetness — net as language,
and whatever, like death.
Irdee curtains kite
disappears from the room next day throat,
and I understand — similar hours
will never be with anyone and anywhere.
A seed is compressed into a new, never-ending
continued unspoken meaning of events.
And softly glowing Christian sun
Draining drops of our children.
It is easier to live, what did not ask for …
Give me, O God, do not tolerate heresy
on the boundary between the bodies and souls
yells blinded bird
not knowing where to go.
Hitherto what lived in me
nespadyavanastsyu expectations
internal magical vision
in the darkness draw carefully
distance barely audible steps:
the long-awaited love.
Whisper eternity changed adhlanne
the unbearable heat
and heart define silence
if frozen in prachuvanni
yet unheard fire.
as will be well —
if only we were with you …
We will not be together if …
Oh, woe is — that’s where he calculation
the studio for us zlasney cold!
And sprinkles rose petals dark
at slow
Circle days
under mild
funeral hum.
Again beznazovnastsyu nights smelling,
disappear rims on the white background I.
A brand plucked from the body of dreams lily
turned and flew
living orphaned bird.
And housing and swollen body
cling to the roof of the sky …
Dreams without lily shallow.
Maria Martysevich. ISLYANDYYA or attempt to see the invisible poets

Max Schur. Earliest collection: poems; Stockholm, Arkona, 2006. 288 pages, circulation is not specified.

Maria MartysevichReversing two years I saw this book from a friend. Hand unconsciously reached for the small volumes. "Oh, Schoor — say — turned out — I say — let me — I say — read." But Comrade books not given, accompanied by refusal weird explanation: "I brought a few copies of Prague. Creator asked me to give them personally into the hands of certain individuals. Thee in the list was not." So makarom my way to this book stretched for 18 months. Since the mountain will not go to Mohammed, had the most to put off her in Prague. So I, albeit delayed, became one of the few lucky owners of one of the most challenging of Belarusian poetry books shortly.
This literary paradox has long had some title. Familiar Polish writer demonstrated book which reads — memories of the 1st Swiss intellectual. Swiss intellectual life, wrote a book, and before his death gave edition of 15 pieces — for family and friends. Read a book to borrow from any of the host range is now considered an honor. Tom usual dark cover unprinted, lack of output data. It is entirely possible in the will of creation and it is written: "Do not give the critics."
Consciously or subconsciously, "collection of early" Max Schur stylized such esoteric rarity, an impregnable stronghold. Going through certain obstacles (at least — municipal boundaries) and eventually expanding volume of black and white, unwittingly zadumaessya worth considering what went so hard.
And yet I believe that some of us, happy owners must eventually break nemavlenne poetry Max Schur. At least as abstragavanasts poet from the Belarusian literary process — compulsory situation. Max Schur recalls beautiful princess, imprisoned in the highest tower by the evil witch. Princess pass the time while waiting for a handsome prince, who overcome the dragon, jump to her balcony panel dispel the spell with a kiss. Max Schur, in which one of the towers "Golden City" it may be closed, wants to get rid of their own loneliness, that’s why sends home books.
"Earliest collection" contains poems written Schoor 1991 to 2006, from 16 years to 30 years. Read these 288 pages worth at least in order to understand the complex Shchurova geography. Schur proclaims himself "a poet stateless" carrier "cosmopolitan culture." He was born in Brest, spent summer holidays with his grandmother in Karelichy, trained in Minsk, for one night was in the Czech Republic, funky prosecution authorities. Can not return home, so whether eaten or burned, or thrown into the Vltava Belarusian passport. Toured Europe from Stockholm to Rome. Dream Abyssinia and Argentina. Lives somewhere near Prague … And yet, in the birthplace of Schur is. If you identify the country in which it is "invisible space" ( — portal administers Schoor) — it is, of course, Islyandyya.
The most northern European countries, ultima thule. Country located on a
peninsula vulkanichnaga origin. Country where they eat bread and rotten vulkanichny Akulova meat. Country where the only army — Coast Guard. Country self-sufficient for us, consider tight. Powerful, well-developed culture, has origins in the Norse sagas. They say 300 000 people in Iceland, the world’s largest number of creative personalities of which is known only to the world excellent singer Bjork.
Max Schur — alone (lyric) the hero of his own poems, as if there is a rocky peninsula. Peninsula, outlined them not very presentable — so they say, drawing attention to the Vikings of Iceland that others do not want to live on this paradise earth. It inhabits the peninsula only those characters who wants to build there — entirely creative predecessors Shakespeare, Cortazar, Borges, Lorca, Scorina, Bach, Wagner, Kerkegar and contemporaries, and countless destinations adrasatkami his poems. Yells the boundaries created this island, as Icelandic singer Bjork — no wonder one of the texts he refers to her muse, which "I came, I saw, and overcame / sterylnasts [Europe] / cleanliness own clique / authenticity of Wrath". The sum of his own poems he makes his parallel creative dimension, in which the reader zanurvaetstsa head as zanurvayutststsa comprehension in Iceland its small but obsessive fans in the world.
Islyandtsy — European people, which developed separately from other Europeans. Max Schur — a poet who writes in Belarusian, but in a personal tradition. Even though what programm of mandatory political refugee — plainclothes lyrics — devoid of cognitive poetics state revival. This nevlastsivasts poems Schoor Belarusian poetry immediately attracts them and their guards. Before us fully nezashtampavanyya themes, images and even rhyme — what is given to relevant experience, talent and literary teachers. But at the same time saying: Schoor writes in a vacuum, and currently 2-3 people close to him, he does not feel completely reader, which was formed at home without him. Similar memory verses make the inhabitants of Vilnius Oleg Minkin. Genesis thing-in-itself — the natural state of the creator in exile — is predetermined and the creator of "collection of early."
Another area in which you feel when you read Schoor — this area of the Strugatsky brothers, the territory of the Paranormal. There is a firm impression that the words, getting into poetry Schoor, start behaving abnormal way: pressing jump lines, failures occur at a pace. This rampant phenomenon occurs in almost every poem:
I remember someone else, Adil comfortable bed,
someone paid all hotel
around — a lot of fine detail,
and just across the street — a brothel.

Apparently, these poems never read aloud. There was apparently some. They are written for the eyes. Book and neadredagavanaya nyavychytanaya — but for some reason it does not cause discomfort and disturbance. Full rastuzanasts style and spelling more thicken around creator paint loneliness.
In the era of cosmopolitanism, talking about outlook "world citizen" unsafe absolute importance of the factor for the homeland of the poet and poetry. But as for the "collection of early" Max Schur, the completely course: the "before" is better than deeper into exile, the weaker and more than faded. The culmination of the collection — the best, in my version, smallish "Millennium" Poems 2000-2001 year. Specifically, this contains more postmodern hooliganism in the late 1990s, by which at the moment, through a dozen years, already bored. In the poem, which begins lines "Day, when the boom fell, / construction crane …" poet leaves open end, offering the reader to complete the poem, and even elect him as the main characters, substituting in verse rhyme of his proposed list. The poet himself considers the best low "Amfiteatar" — Poems of Minsk-Prague. In them, with rare exceptions socio-political, not far conducted about Belarus. Belarusian Schoor antychnastsyu raves and old Europe. Verses later, in his own words, he deliberately makes the least tightly. But, by God, "razgermetyzatsyya" not benefited this plane. Lowest germetychnasts manifested apparently in the least formalism and greater attachment to the surrounding verses reality.
Reading poetry, I often drink two reception assess its value. First works only with respect to verses are taken by me and by Alexander Pushkin. He often entered the St. Petersburg bookstores, and, due to lack of time, read updates only in poetic rhyme, then solved, a good or bad poet wrote. Schur passed such a test is only 50%: Near vyshukanymi rhymes "bird in the hand — recipes", "peyzazhysta — Drink for zhis-ta," "Alias — psevdanimb" we find poems, rhymes by failing completely. Razgermetyzavanyya, so to speak.
Second test invented by me, and it is very normal, Have this poem the poet, for which it is possible to forgive? At Max Schur this poem is. Case or not, it’s a poem — a sonnet entitled "Hold." It’s about love, Christmas, he little "Millennium":
At Christmas, each city is transformed into Babylon.
Flood parched street crowds dead sea.
In Bethlehem, a porcelain-like shopping pavilion,
come on gifts already from Sodom and Gomorrah,
bought as bulldozers demolished slaves, whose name is — are legion.
Mothers with infants will try to get away in a cave,
and radio voice proclaims satisfied with the council,
that the number of infektavanyh Ilgen talk about the sea.
Ladies owed close to incite theft.
Agolenasts winter Requests more courage because of the disease —
Putana not distinguish on clothes, log into a brothel.
I am intruding into your stash, like a conqueror, videzh
my madness agalomshvats you: you stand and do not sample
rasspahnuty fasten a button on the neck, as an impregnable stronghold.

Musk Schoor — the invisible poet of modern Belarusian literature. But as practice shows travel agents zezdivshy Czech Republic, Turkey and Italy, the most concrete travelers do not spare money and Iceland: expensive, but worth it. By the way, I own a copy "of early collection" read borrow.

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