INDIA TO LIGHT COMBAT AIRCRAFT «TEJAS» service in the late 2013 — early 2014.

India perceive light combat aircraft (LBS) «Tejas» into service in late 2013 — early 2014. This is with reference to India’s defense minister said A.K.Antoni weekly «Difens News.»

According to the publication, the program creation LCA (Light Combat Aircraft) «Tejas» behind schedule for 15 years.

After analyzing the schedule of development LBS defense minister said the country’s parliament in his own letter of 5 August that the company has asked the Indian defense research DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) and management of aviation development (Aeronautical Development Agency) to stick to the original date set for the services at the end of the combat readiness of LBS the current year and the date of final acceptance of the aircraft into service — at the end of 2014

Representatives of the Indian company HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, HAL), which makes the LBS, said they can produce four aircraft per year, but a year after the initial contribution rate of release readiness aircraft may Strength to 8 units.

«HAL plans to manufacture increment pace LBS up to 16 units within 3 years after the initial alerting services based on the stringent orders that are received on its creation,» — said the representative of the company.

Air India has already contracted for 40 aircraft LCA Mark-1, while a request for Mark 2 version is 83 units. But the Air Force wants to buy 124 LBS in the Mark 2 version, the first of which is expected to receive in 2017-2018.

India is also developing a maritime version of LBS, which is planned to transfer the country’s Navy in 2015

Sea LBS «Tejas» designed based in Bangalore aviation development and management of state company HAL. It is designed for deployment on an aircraft carrier having a springboard for taking off and arresting gear landing of the aircraft. Marine option «Tejas» has some differences in design and landing gear in comparison with one of the aircraft for the Air Force, as it will have huge load during landing.

Indian Navy has already ordered 6 LBS maritime embodiment, each of which will cost $ 30 million.

New aircraft carrier Indian development project 71, which will be located on the LBS, planned to adopt by 2018

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