It is a pity that Martynov was not in Brussels

In a recent interview with Germany’s own policies Markus Meckel withstated that the EU needs to create its own strategy towards Belarus, instead of doing what was to This time. By him, preparatory policy of isolation brought only defeat. The EU currently has no "instruments of influence on the situation in Belarus" or "tools to support the opposition." All this he must immediately create.
"Do you think that rapid lifting of sanctions against Minsk in exchange for fair and democratic elections and become such inventory or the latest least contribute to its development?" — I ask the interlocutor.
Meckel"With regard to sanctions, we must approach them very directly, because in fact it is different restrictions for different officials. Regarding parliamentary elections, we are obviously very closely relate to them. They should comply with international democratic standards. And now, the signals from Minsk, far there is not all right. I mean, for example, open access to the media for the Democratic candidates. Obviously,

The EU should not be removed from the exposed Minsk 12 requirements.

But need to be close to reality, it does not come swiftly and in a jiffy. There are many problems that we have to open a discussion together with the Belarusian authorities: energy, environment, border policy. All this needs to be solved, no matter who is controlling. I believe that communication with Belarus must be reinforced. "
Correspondent "How do you feel about the fact that the first control of the European Commission formally expressed its wish to invite to Brussels Belarusian Minister Martynov, and later the decision was reversed, and was invited to Brussels last political prisoner Kozulin …"
Meckel: "I feel sorry that these negotiations with the Belarusian Minister Martynov failed. I believe that his initial invitation to Brussels, which came from the European Commission was right. We should welcome, for example, the position of Minsk in the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, that he this issue so far resisted pressure from Russia.
As for the invitation to Brussels Kozulin, this unusual step. Willingness of the EU to reconsider the issue of sanctions against Belarus does not mean intentions to finish contacts with Belarusian democratic forces, civilian society, the opposition and so on. It would be utter nonsense thinks so. We must find tools impact in both directions. So we work with other countries. Approximately the same thing should happen with Belarus. "

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