KGB cause to the tribunal

To control agendas attached statements Hrodna regional KGB. In the case of Eugene Skarabutan Tribunal need to establish the fact that he confiscated the CD "Concert" Solidarity with Belarus ", print edition" base strategy United Democratic forces, "bulletin" Free Idea "," Draft Resolution of Congress SLM "P.Severintsa book" Letters from the forest "are extremist content.
In the case of Vladimir Larin Tribunal need to establish the fact that the extremist nature has withdrawn his book "Accidental President."
And Eugene Skarabutan and Vladimir Larin naming things confiscated back in 2007 customs when vorachivalis activists from Poland.
I recall that on Friday received a similar summons journalist Andrzej Pisalnik. In his case, the tribunal require establish the presence of extremist content in the newspaper «Glos znad Niemna na uchodzstwie", which he had seized another first 2006.

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