Knight festival in Lida

Only a single joust in Belarus occurs in the walls of a medieval castle — Lida. Knight festival in Leeds castle walls
The festival was opened by the district head. Read about the cult of the male knight who Belarusians about knightly brotherhood of majestic Lithuanian princes of-mouth vertikalschikov it sounded not out of habit. Chairman of the Executive Committee read Andrew Khudyk and more conventional thesis:
"In our country carried out the action" a strong, prosperous Blearus "Our festival is also held in the framework of this action."
Reporter: "I wish to ask the spectators: How do you think — this is a combination of tournament with this action," For Belarus ", — normal? Or all the same it is different things?"
Lady: "I suppose that it could be individual stocks, probably would have been better. Well, if they had done so, what is nothing better then this Makar. By the way, the action "For Independent Belarus" they adapted to prazdnichkom, immediately it was not planned, not even anywhere in the programs. Excellent, that young people join the past and our eyes behold all. "
Fight knights festival at Leeds Castle
At joust at Leeds Castle came schoolchildren.
Schoolboy: "My name Lesch, I came to see the ancient instrument, I am very fond of, collect, coins old. Very interested in this tool: vognepalnay, cool and armor, and even medieval culture. "
Reporter: "You know about the majestic Duke Vytautas, about the majestic Duke Gediminas, who built a castle Lida, that they lived in those places where you live?"
Schoolboy: "Well, of course! Hunt Very proud of such people who built castles and brought such contribution to the culture of Belarus."
Knight: "My name Zakharchuk Yuri. I do not have a nickname, it is our master, Kiev. "
Yuri Zakharchuk shows his armor at the festival at Leeds Castle
Reporter: "Did you bring jousting armor weapon. As in Ukraine knightly tournaments? Often occur? "
Zakharchuk: "Ukraine takes measures less than in Belarus. This is commonplace to state support of this motion. We very hard to get some official support, permission to carry out activities more difficult to obtain. Majority of our clubs, unlike Belarus does not have its own premises. Anyway, that is connected with the state aid in Belarus is much better. "
I went around the camp knights and ladies realized that made unleavened bread on medieval recipes.
Ladies offer cakes taste medieval festival in Lida
Lady: "We baked it at home, a medieval bread, it contains that: rye flour and bran» s all."
Reporter: "You state that a medieval recipe, it was written somewhere?"
Lady: "I was in Scientific Medical Library in Minsk and had found there that could, and it read that there were such proposals. I found why? Since we have half the people unhealthy sweet diabetes, and we got the job: people held at a time when there was no insulin, how could they survive? Then they just food "treated", then these recipes were. "
Reporter: "I see: you veterans of jousting. Surprising that nowhere uzreesh Emblem" Pursuit "by which our forefathers lived, not talking about the flag. Oh, you have to watch" The Chase, "you have hidden under the sleeve … "
Lady: "Since at the time clock was not."
Knights in Minute Vacation medieval festival in Lida
Knight: "My name Warthberg, I represent the club "Freistadt" We are passionate about the reconstruction of the Teutonic Order, the time period — XIII-XIV century. "
Reporter: "You’re not the first time in the tournament: you are not amazed that there is no historical coat of arms" race "? Maybe there vneglasnoe ban? "
Knight: "Speak so discouraged."
His friend: "It is easier to ride zabugornye festivals. There can be symbolic, with white-red-white flag with "Chase" go, there is not condemned, even encouraged. "
Knight: "In the past year Navagrudak fetched rod with a white-red-white flags on them, and the police, naturally enough, crush rods, forced to remove the flags."
Urban resident: "My name Gilmore. I know three clubs involved history majestically Duchy of Lithuania. But the problem is this: the authorities of Sorrows is a reaction to the red and white colors. Even if the French knighthood — red cross on the white background, and it is taken very bad, without delving into the story that there was no case to ON it does not … And because some clubs may deliberately try not to bring it up to be able to develop normally. "
Reporter: "Knight graduated from the battle, congratulations. How do you feel without the" Chase "- you can win? Or all the same something is missing?"
Knight: "Well, of course. It is in our heart," The Chase. "Can be seen in some knights who engaged Duchy majestically on chivalry chains, belts, on benches in some knights is" Pursuit. "And on the flags on tents can not be used, as each club is required to have a base, and if you will use "The Chase", you just drive out, and without placing the club is very uncomfortable. Anyway most clubs in the hearts of lives, "Ride", and our native flags and our native hymns. "
I went to the chairman of the executive committee Khudyk.
Reporter: "I know that the castle being restored 30 years and have not been able to finish the work. And behold the power yourself what the main puzzle? To attract foreign tourists, or simply, that was in town and one in Belarus fully restored castle?"
Khudyk: "Here I have a spec. Samsonov, please explain to! "
Samsonov: "Due to the fact that in our country soon began to pay attention to the development of tourism, because we just wanted to or not, you need to return the castle, as it is in the center at the crossroads of all roads. And tourists will come, it will be funds for the budget. ‘Cause I hope that in 2012 it will be restored. lock If we can do these tournaments will be even more exciting and more than large-scale, we are able to attract the knight clubs and from far afield, and Lida will be exactly the center of chivalry festivals. "
Located in the tournament Stanislav Sudnik, which publishes the magazine "Lida chronicler." Ask him: does it in terms of something patriotic education or it’s just some kind of game. "
Sudnik: "How does not, unless the whole day are the words" Lofty Horde? "It is driven with each stroke of the blade!"

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