Knights fought for victory in a race at Leeds Castle

Reporter: "Knight graduated from the battle … Congratulations on your victory."
Knight: "My name Groden, I’m out of the club" Knight genus snow leopard "and we provide soldiers majestically Duchy of Lithuania."
Reporter: "This, in my opinion, is unique, they all — European knights, crusaders, knights and stateliness of the Principality of times in the minority …"
Knight: "This happens because the flowering of chivalry was in XIII-XIV centuries, and all the beauty of this phenomenon could follow in European statesah, because it interests people. And we are patriots of their motherland because couples do reconstruction majestically Duchy of Lithuania. "
Reporter: "How bout lasted? Such zadyhanasts, I see …"
Knight: "Always fight lasts two minutes, but the marshals were unable to detect a favorite and it so happened that there were three additional minute."
Reporter: "Certainly, it was hard to beat, as all beheld one was left-handed, the other — the right-hander, and through it impossiblecould will determine the favorite. Is not it? "
Knight: "No, it’s because men equal force. And, of course, if the right-hander is fighting a southpaw, it is also it is very difficult since virtually all right-handed fighters. And it was hard because in training soldiers preparing for battle dvyuhhvilinnaga standard and additionally had to fight here, and this excess burden, because I do not know how much strength I have left for the next battle. Because I was still in the tournament and will fight, but no longer forces. "
Reporter: "And what have the ability to relax?"
Knight: "You can drink cool kvass, which we give sponsors and hugs sweetheart girls also relieve lethargy."
Reporter: "It was announced that the victory was dedicated to her, huh? And what’s her name?"
Knight: "Hope."
Reporter: "Stanislav Sudnik quite nearby watched fighting knights. What are your memories?"
Sudnik "they beat all your heart, as much as one blade broke at the handle. As once in childhood as we have to throw, then where reversed. Pop shields bend armor, helmets umyatsiny. Goes competition, they have long been familiar, found in Each tournament will know who of them stronger. So these battles, not I can tell, that fictional, they are faster sports plan — who will overcome. "

Citizens at the opening tournament

Knight’s artillery


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