Kupala on the scene — the premiere of Dreams about Belarus

Play set director Vladimir Savitsky, who, incidentally, has already put Karatkevichava "Savage Hunt of King Stach" Kupala on stage two year reversed.
"Cradle of four witches" was written by Vladimir Korotkevich in 1981 and for the first time staged in Minsk theater young viewers to the 100th anniversary of Yanka Kupala.
And after 20 5 years before it becomes the State Academic Theatre, which bears the name of the poet. What lured the director, this is the play?
"Time passes, asks others thinking and rethinking. Specifically children and teens poet motivate me when he just stood on the wing," — says Sawicki.
Play "Cradle 4 fairies" Vladimir Savitsky satiated verses Kupala, excerpts from poems "On Christmas Eve," "Sleeping on the mound," "On the fur cap," drama "scattered nest," which, though written almost a century back, sound very modern.
As a result of the play of childhood and youth came Kupala dramatic play-thinking "Dreams of Belarus."
Why director went on such a creative challenge?
"I wanted to look at and try it Kupalu realize. Zashtampavanae There is some cliche around Kupala — well, such a folk singer, even mundane. On Actually it is even more narrow, per se, you know, of cosmic poet, "- says the director.
Cast many stars Kupala scene. The role of small Yankee takes Misha Huy and unchanging Kupalu plays Distinguished Artist of Belarus Alexander Podobed. In the role of the poet’s mother Benigno Ivanovna suddenly viewer sees deserved actress Zoe Belohvostik.
In other roles occupied country folk artists Arnold Anointed, and Gennady Gennady Garbuk Avsyannikav.
With the dramatic legacy of folk singers on the main stage theater of the country at the moment are two performances — Kupala hallmark for more than half a century is "Pavlinka" and seventeen years in a row with a full house go "Tuteyshyya." Third becomes a dramatization of his poetry.

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