Lech Walesa has posted a Web dossier on himself

Lech Walesa said that 600 pages of his case indicate, that those who blamed him for "treason" and "intelligence activities" were not wrong.
"I’ve always wanted just to let people know the truth. Currently, Anna V., Andrzej Gwiazda and others must find within himself the strength and apologize" — said past president.
Dossier of materials that communist secret services want to quarrel among themselves the favorites of "Solidarity" and did everything, to visit Anna V. Andrzej Gwiazda and against Lech Walesa.
V. and Gwiazda back in the 80s said that Walesa — "careerist and an agent that threw standards" Solidarity. "
"It’s an agent and a traitor. More than anything I’m not going to comment," — said V. — crane operator with the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, which began with the dismissal of the strike. On the wave of strikes appeared "Solidarity."
Of all the materials own folder Lech Walesa refused to publish only a list of people who wrote to him denunciations.

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