Malady blame BT libel

In the "Panorama" told the audience that at the Belarusian-Polish border KGB detained activists "Young Front" and BPF. They checked Tipo laptops and found the electrical benefits of terrorism. Mentioned the names of students applets Kalinowski.
In the story "Panorama" journalist Yuri PROKOPOV said that the Belarusian-Polish border detained spokesman "Young Front" Haretski managing Grodno branch organization Eugene Skrabutan also BPF boy Dmitry and Alexey Trubkin.
Story Creator argued that the guys who are trained in Poland programmke Kalinouski, took laptops.
By Yuri Prakopau, there was information about how to prepare a terrorist attack that explosive devices used in concrete or brick buildings, and information about drugs and hallucinogens.
Belarusian audience told that in fact the students are not engaged in Poland study and preparation of acts of terrorism:
"The program Kalinowski obviously not designed for classroom training programmers or economists, on the other participants would not stored database to organize attacks.
Preparation of militants in a European country — very specific occupation. Hence zasakrechanasts Kalinouski disk imaging and demand control applets Jan Malitsky distribute its results. In addition, far not everyone is able to detonate homemade bombs in the name of democracy. Hence screening participants applets. "
None of the youth activists had been detained
Chairman of the Committee for Aid to politically repressed Inna Cooley considers plot to WT confirmation that programm Kalinowski prevent plans of the authorities who seek to intimidate democratic youth:
"The program Kalinowski, the program of the Polish government was initially unsafe for the Belarusian regime. Since this program allows students repressed repressed families and children get the best European diplomas. And, of course, it is not safe for those who wish to show that as you say aloud that you do not like the lack of freedom in our country, you will be expelled from the institute or in general it does not reach. "
On that day, when he left the plot BT Haretski flew from Minsk to Strasbourg. Tipo detained Dmitry boy exams in Cracow Institute. In Poland there are Eugene and Alex Skrabutan Trubkin.
Laptop Z.Malchyka customs officers seized more in the past year
Father Dmitry Sergei boy remembered that the laptop that he got his own offspring to study Belarusian customs officers seized at the border even in the last year on December 21 and promised to return after checking:

S.Malchyk: "What was there in the laptop and that there launched, naturally, I can not speak for six months because there is anything you can do."

"I tried for 4 months to return this laptop. Always customs officers reported to me that he is on the check, because it can not be returned. What was there in the laptop and that there launched, naturally, I can not speak for six months as there can be anything to do in this laptop. "
Haretski Strasburg said "Freedom":
"This is a reaction to the fact that here, in Strasbourg, invite soon completely official Minsk delegation and representatives of the democratic forces. Fact that Belarus has no status here, again shows that Europe is not willing to build in its composition representatives such as Lukashenko, and with the democratic forces, it is ready to cooperate further. "
KGB terrorists we have not detained
The KGB declined to comment, saying that there were no terrorists detained.
Co-chairman of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Zmiter Fedoruk believes that BT employees are convinced that they can not be brought to criminal liability for innuendo:
"These so-called journalists from BT and municipal television are fully convinced that they will not attract criminal liability for innuendo and for their heresy. I think in a normal country, these journalists are not something that would not have jobs, and directly would change own place of residence. "
Malady plan to file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office for BT and creator Yuri Prakopau applets.
Student activists summoned to prosecutor’s office 15.06.2007
The father of the youth activist Ivan Shyla took his computer 05.06.2007

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