Minsk awaiting 2 billion dollars

Recall, the official Minsk invited the IMF loan in 2 billion dollars.
Prior to the talks, the IMF official said the global crisis had a negative impact on the economy of Belarus, access to external financing. At the same time, changing conditions in international trade badly affected the balance of payments.
The State Bank of Belarus explained to that the IMF loan is needed for the creation of "safety cushion".

Yaroslav RomanchukAccording to the manager of the analytical center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk, "Credit now — it’s eating up credit. On support for the policy, which led the country in these tough monetary relations: in a lack of liquidity in the money market dilemmas. Because funds should be given when there is a definite plan to modernize the economy. Now such plan no. I think those talks, which are, in fact, and deal with this modernization plan which must Government take to get a permanent and long loans. "
Meanwhile The IMF has already decided to allocate to Ukraine’s anti-crisis loan 16.4 billion dollars, order to assist to "return the financial and economic stability and confidence."
International monetary fund also will provide a loan of 15.7 Hungary billion dollars. Its purpose is "frisky decrease pressure on the money market in Hungary and support solutions prolonged economic problems through the creation of the necessary criteria for reform."

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