Minsk: International Conference on Crimes of Communism

One of the organizers of the conference, the scientist Igor Kuznetsov said in his opening remarks:
"It is symbolic that on June 12 in Washington, U.S. President George W. Bush opened a monument to the victims of communism. Namely, he likened communism with terrorism and radicalism. Can definitely agree with this: the atrocities of communism killed more than 100 million people in the world. This is more than atrocities of fascism. "
For discussion were proposed about 10 reports, which were Vladimir Kononov, Yakov Basin, Leonid Lych and others. Word also took a scientist from the National Institute of Poland Jacek P., who said that Poland is in this direction went much further:
"We tried to show the Polish society, youth — what was communism. We do it through exhibitions, through books that are issued, through lectures. After all, it is necessary to find out the truth, it seems, both in Poland and here in Belarus, at this conference. "
In the midst of the conference participants were also politically repressed kids and grandchildren — Zinaida Tarasevich, Leonid Mariners and representatives of other cities in the country. One of them, Yuri Pozniak from Bobruisk, on its own participation expressed as follows:
"Such conferences — is the primary link will of the people. And so it was done — you need to open a discussion and thought. And the discussion of errors of the past eliminates such errors in the future."
Participants of the conference
Speaker Vladimir Conon
Books Valery Makarov
"Thought and the task of the conference — the fight against oblivion"
During the conference presentation accomplished books Igor Kuznetsov "classified catastrophe Russian history," which was published in Russia edition five thousand copies, three issues in the book "The repressive policy of Russian authorities in Belarus." 200 copies of the book written by the authors of the means of researchers. Specific research topics atrocities of the communist regime in Belarus, the expansion of the disk imaging in society was the main objective of the conference, summed up the results of one of its organizers, the writer Vasily Yakovenko:
"The trend in the state such that all hush, that this absolutely was not in memory. And the idea and task of the conference — the fight against this forgetfulness. Communist regime for atrocities — to an international court."
International Conference on the sins of communism held on June 16 in 20 European countries at once. Belarus — for a day earlier because scientific event prepared only by the public, and managed to find space only today BPF in the office.

Official statistics show that victims of Stalin’s repressive policies became 600 thousand inhabitants of Belarus. But are independent researchers argue that from a punitive system directly affected more than a million people, without taking into account their families.

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