Minsk went pilgrimage to Budslau

After a celebratory worship priest-bishop Anthony Demyanko blessed pilgrims and recalled:
"Pilgrimage has religious significance, therefore, always listen to their spiritual leaders. And at the moment, let us pray to the road."
About four hundred parishioners from Minsk Nesvizha, Bobruisk, Pinsk, Slutsk, from St. Petersburg for 5 days have to overcome 120 kilometers.
Reporter: "Or the first time to go on a pilgrimage?"
Guy: "No, not the first."
Guy: "I, for example, the thirteenth."
Reporter "What kind of mood?"
Woman: "With a good mood. For us it is a great satisfaction. "
Reporter: "What are you expecting from the pilgrimage this year?"
Guy: "In This year? As usual — change. "
Roads of Belarus segodnyaschy pilgrimage is the seventeenth time. As reported by the organizers, the youngest member of the spiritual march at one point was a 4-year-old boy, but’s oldest — 84-year-old grandmother. Different age believers went to Budslau and This year.
Lady: "I am 67 years old, go for the seventh time."
Reporter "Is not it hard?"
Lady: "Not hard, because God Budslav icon Moms really raschudesny. A difficulties — not only read them, they are not."
Reporter: "And why are you it mattersete? "
Man: "After all, the huge pilgrimage ability to pray. After praying not only the brain, but the legs, arms — the whole body. "
Woman: "I Hope Matejka. Coming second time."
Reporter: "And every year, with a pipe?"
Hope: "Yes."
Reporter: "So, maybe play something on the road?"
Hope: "Excellent." Kupalinka. "
Pilgrimage to Budslau These days are are also from Baranovichi, Vitebsk, Belarus and other cities and from outside the country.
So, for the first time from Vilnius to Budslau moves aqua expedition. It runs along the rivers, which 500 years ago monks floated forest with Budslau in Vilnius, reports organizer, priest Vladislav Zavalniuk:
"In 1-x, it’s thanks to all those of our forefathers, which had faith which built for us — wood out of our seats until now serves in Vilna, in the monastery. And it connects voedinyzhdy our people spiritually, culturally, historically. "
Moms triumph of God Budslau annually celebrated on July 2 — a day of icons, which left more than five hundred years ago. Pray in today here come to 25 thousand faithful from Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and Russia.
Ah, so this explains the abbot Budslavskaya church priest Victor:
"This shows how important for us Catholics and Orthodox worship Mary Panne. Budslau A festival — it is a holy place where people can come and pray and open your soul to God."
Radio Liberty
Began a pilgrimage on foot to Budslau (photo) 27.06.2006

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