Mogilev celebrates its own patron saint day

St. Anthony of Padua — the patron of those who finds lost things, the trustee named and marriages.
St. Anthony became the guardian of Mogilev in the late XVI century. His miraculous icon brought to Mogilev Franciscan preachers.
In the first half of the XVII century in Mogilev minted medallion with one side which was the image of God Belynichi Moms, and on the other — St. Anthony. On the medallion was the inscription: "St. Anthony Mogilev, pray for us."
Icon of St. Anthony was lost during the second World War I.
Once a year passes in Mogilev procession from the church of St. Stanislaus to the chapel of St. Anthony, which is a Catholic cemetery.
St. Anthony is honored and Catholics and Orthodox. The Orthodox he is called Anton.

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