Nameless modernization «Rook»

Nameless modernization

About a year ago it became clear that in the coming couple of years about 120-130 Su-25 will be renovated with the extension and modernization of the resource to the level of the Su-25SM. About forty cars had already passed such an update. First of October this year there are new posts about the upcoming future of the main Russian stormtroopers. According to «Izvestia», in late 2012 to begin creating another recent modification of the Su-25 «Grach».
Some sources in the command of the Air Force told reporters the latest edition of the existence of a modification that the true time does not even have a precise and definite names. By the time the true plane is refreshed on tests and is almost ready to begin full-scale production. Like its predecessor modernization index «CM», new version of the Su-25, first created for applying highly strikes guided weapons. At the same time, the complex equipment of the new version of the aircraft will have a huge capacity and more than the highest property. It is argued that the view of the aircraft and its avionics created on the basis of experience gained during the 2008 war in South Ossetia.

 Nameless modernization

«War 3 eights» once again confirmed the generally effective enough rockets and bombs, but just showed all their disadvantages, namely, the need to approach the target at a small distance. In addition, the Su-25 available modifications not have the ability to work in adverse weather conditions or NIGHT MODE. In the end, some losses in conflicts stormtroopers shortly associated with legacy systems of electronic warfare. For all these reasons, as the source of «Izvestia», directly exposed to the demands of the new upgrades.

The source said that refreshed Su-25 will receive the so-called glass cockpit. He said this system is not the most advanced in the world, but its functions sovladevaet perfectly. In addition, during the development of the latest modification had to abandon the ability to work with a night vision device. The fact that the cabin of the Su-25 has a relatively small size and the pilot would have been very difficult to work with quite a huge apparatus attached to the helmet. Yet such disadvantages can be compensated in some measure to the lack of necessary personal involvement Pilot finding the target and a specific hover ammunition. Thus, the latest avionics modernization of the Su-25 is compatible with responsive bombs KAB line with a system of guidance signal navigation systems. Accordingly, the complex criteria pilot to be pretty just need to enter the hardware homing target coordinates. Another method of compensating the lack of helmet-mounted night vision devices regard optoelectronic systems of the aircraft. It is alleged that refreshed Su-25 will have new means of detection in the optical and thermal spectra. So Makar, pilots will be able to retrieve the target for removal bolshennom and through technical means, which are still huge ability than his own eyes.

Associated with satellite navigation the next innovation. Refreshed receiver GLONASS / GPS, created for the upgraded «Rooks» the least susceptible to interference and can operate in a more complex criteria than today. Also on the new aircraft communication system will be installed the latest model, which allows to operate within a thousand miles from the base, which exceeds the range of the aircraft. In addition, brand new encrypted communication system meets the latest requirements for the integration of separate tanks in the overall information management system of the armed forces.
In the area of ​​protection from enemy antiaircraft refreshed Su-25 got two relevant innovations. In 1-x, comparability with new avionics guided weapons to minimize the need for entering the zone acts of military defense. In-2-first next year Russian Air Force will receive new electronic warfare systems family «Vitebsk» started to be installed on airplanes and helicopters. It is alleged that refreshed Su-25 will be equipped with jamming stations model «Vitebsk-25.» There is information about the ability of complex equipment «Vitebsk-25» additional system optronic countermeasures created to «blinding» missiles with thermal homing. Noteworthy that the various elements of the new complex EW previously mounted on the new helicopters. Now under construction technique will immediately receive the entire complex, which will be able to enhance its ability to survive in a combat situation.

New data from official sources that shed light on the latest modernization of the Su-25, not yet reported. If work is to improve the main Russian gunship indeed occur, then by the end of this year, the Ministry of Defence can show their «new things» in the form-fitted, and then built anew aircraft. Naturally, «Grach» is no longer the first ten years, but, as experience has shown, this aircraft has a good potential for modernization and last update will be very helpful in increasing the combat capability of the Russian Air Force.
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