Near Gomel in tracts unearthed the remains of 66 victims

By command of the battalion, on the surface of various graves remains of 66 victims raised — peaceful inhabitants. Riddled skulls and bones have transferred to temporary storage in Prybytkavski village council.
Sudmedeksperty have not yet conclusions about the "age" of graves. Not yet, and conclusions about the found bullets that killed the victim.
Official version of the origin of mass graves — shot by the Nazis and militia Red Army POWs first war.
But local residents indicate there there were mass executions of people in the years of Stalinist repression.
Members of the organizing committee of creation of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" videotaped testimonies of people who just call the place where NKVD in 1937-1938 were shot as "enemies of the people" peaceful inhabitants.
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