Newcomer Political Council decided not to start with the referendum

Lebedko says that the idea was born more recently Congress. But then there was an agreement — not to make the forum of documents that were not previously agreed upon in the coalition.
At this point, consider a favorite Joint civilian party, it is time to discuss the abolition of social benefits, the transition to the contract system of work and desire to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus. Therefore need to offer Alexander Lukashenko to hold a referendum:
"He always argues that the only people it is all in Belarus. Because, I think is totally reasonable to offer Lukashenko to initiate a referendum on issues that trevozhut not some group of people, and virtually the entire population.
And if within a month we do not get an answer (or it would not be good), then we will have a rich media campaign and inform voters and those who voted for Lukashenko, how it relates to the idea that people can themselves determine in these issues . "
Discussion participants in the midst of the political council of the two approaches outlined. Supporters of the first advocated the initiative. Others have offered to take the time and make a program from the immense social protection.
I. Rynkevich: "Proclamation to Lukashenko cause new wave of criticism"
Middle of the last minimum was head of the faction and the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Igor Rynkevich:
"Companies such as initiative referendum even if to treat this as a PR campaign, it is not perfect. All the initiatives that we put forward, we must abide by.
A proclamation to Lukashenko, the same Kozulin and others consider illegitimate, even despite the fact that he is acting Head of State, entail a new wave of criticism. Will be the same as an appeal to Lukashenko Milinkevich, which is very critical met in society. "
V.Korneenko: "The real desire to work no"
Managing faction "Regions for freedom" Viktor Kornienko believes that contact Lukashenko stupid. But the referendum should be carried out, and for this to mobilize all forces.
"But I see that there is no real desire to work. There are indications that the summer is hot, we did not have the strength that we do not allow. To find excuses always possible. Yeah, actually speaking, the democratic forces that have always been famous. This lasts to bolshennomu chagrin. "
At the suggestion Vintsuk Vyachorka, who presided at the first meeting, the Political Council decided to prepare a program from the socio-economic protection of the population:
"From us the Belarusian people waiting for answers to what was wrong with him — power, privileges, isolation from European states etc. And we have over the coming weeks based on the proposal of the referendum also offer employment to our local structures, local coalition. "
Four co-chair of the Political Council will be responsible for the following activities: Vyachorka — mobilization work, international affairs, Kalyakin — work with regional coalitions Lebedko — develop positive alternatives A.Levkovich — election campaigns.
A.Milinkevich who is not a member of the Political Council of the new composition in the present meeting was not involved.

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