Night Siege — 20 June

The forums portal discuss about Mogilev donors who have pledged a warning strike against the abolition of privileges.
"What air drive, the law has been signed … previously it was necessary to strike and resent what to write to the president, wrote to the deputies, which is very cute voted" yes "and approved the law."
"Now let Blood voluntary force Academy MIA delivers".
"Hardly help … At the moment the donor will rot on BT …"
"Yes … what’s the difference anyway — as our government decided, so be it. We did not strike any posodeystvuyut while we try to at least act, and everything is quiet and peaceful as that — so outright in the house."
Readers website Nasha Niva discussions are news that the site ran on radio Ratsya narkomovku.
"Stupidity. Could give each employee a book" Traditional spelling-2005. "
"It’s nice that among adherents belarushchyny there and optimal people who are friends with the logic, not only romantic Don Quixote sleepwalkers."
"No, never and nowhere substantiated scientifically, that the choice of" communist / non-communist spelling whiteRussian language "Is what would impact on the behavior of today’s Belarusian consumers. Because at least some decision this case — untainted policy to expand the market ("find new readers") has no case. "
Alexander Brechek your own blog on the website argue against corruption in Belarus: "… corruption cases in Belarus — it thee as a matter of fact the fight against corruption as a tool of political struggle for power and economic nomenklatura clan purpose defeat opponents. Also very successful and timely method of "letting off steam" — taciturn discontent electorate. especially in critical moments of economic and political crises. I am confident that with the expected weights foreign and domestic political situation, corruption processes in Belarus will be done more, and they will be louder and more than revealing. Although essentially nothing fundamentally will not change, because if corruption really do, then you can go very far. So far and high that it would have very severe consequences even for the most power. "
Algizzz blogger in his diary contains news about in Belarus channel identified money laundering through plastic cards. Detained a Russian citizen, who said he had traveled to Belarus to withdraw funds from the cards, places for people of Ukraine. For this he was paid 100 bucks. In the suitcase, which the detainee seized was 400 thousand dollars. "Lord, why! — Writes Algizzz. — Well, give me such a chance please, I will not fail, I would not walk around with a bag like this can be seen quite hungry citizen of Russia. No. I find this bag more valuable method of consumption ! "
"I have until the end of the logic did not realize — says one of the blog readers. — And what is the card? They did that by getting out 200 bucks? And what crime? Certainly, for damage to ATMs currently closed."
"We have ATMs that give the Bucks, three pieces for the entire Minsk. Taking into account the fact that on the one card they give less than $ 200 a day, ethe man had to hang out in Minsk 5 and a half years. "
In LJ community lulu_gov_by a new political collage entitled "European march". Alexander Lukashenko leads the column under the slogan "Together with Europe — for freedom from the dictates of gas."

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