Night Siege — June 4

The community discussions are Minsk_by action against students cancellation of privileges, which was accomplished on June 1. Share aggressively dispersed the riot police. And now those who are detained, sentenced punishment days of arrest and a fine. Comments:
"I see no reason (in similar actions)";
"Huge sense, maybe not, but beating people in broad daylight in the center of town a day or — is an adequate measure for the lack of sense?";
"Cool action, just super, well done. Simply Creative Summit";
On forums portal discussions are results of the survey of the Institute beyond the socio-economic and political research. According to recent data, about 60 percent of Belarusians trust President Lukashenko, and only 30 percent expressed confidence superfluous. Comments:
"If our opposition favorite pants are not sitting out on the congresses, and worked with the population — the percentage would have been different";
"It seems to us (in presidential elections) In 2011 did not see the figure of 93 per cent. "
Arshanski blogger writes in his diary about the fight at the post office with a young female worker who made a mistake in the design addresses currency translation: "When asked to give me a book of complaints the girl jumps up and somewhere to go. Through half Minutka vorachivaetsya accompanied by the head of the post office, which holds in hand book of complaints. Head gives "sticking" devachtsy for incorrect design, rewrites form for previously having asked me: "For you in Belarusian issue can be in Russian?" Whereupon carefully wrote out the form on whiteRussian language, thrice asks me for forgiveness for what their student work, and therefore are pads and problems. "
User live_hvost offers video with expression Alexander Lukashenko"We have one and a half, maximum two baby in the family."
Comment: "Now I know. I was just a kid, I was pavtarnutym child. So to speak — zvyshditsem. "
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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