Night Siege. June 6

On the website "Politoboz" discussions are Russian analyst Andrei article Suzdaltseva that predicts the immediate prospects of development Belarusian economy. Creator comes to the conclusion that the administration of Belarus have two options. 1st — oust Belarusian economy all possible financial resources, but unreformed economy can nadarvatstsa in 2008. Second — to announce the latest economic policy (NEP) to enter the market deal with major economic partners. Comments:
"Belarusian financial model kept resale price Russian domestic gas and oil to the outside. This allowed us to have 5-7 billion profit. With the construction of a pipeline bypassing Belarus will not profit. And this -" pipe ";
"Belarusian economic holding" is able to properly respond to all hazards. Outside debt allows even lend long ";
"I do not see evolution Belarusian society, while only degradation. "
On forums portal discussions are the statement of the Municipal Control Committee Zenon Lomat that Financial Intelligence Committee investigation of money became actively hunt down illegal monetary transactions Belarusians abroad. Comments:
"Or on the contrary, seek out profitable and harmless where to hide (money)?";
"Even a little, and accounts arrest Bush";
"Can someone" common fund "stole, and now seek out?"
Silverrebel blogger in his diary responds that Alexander Lukashenko Polotsk June 5 "for attention to reconstruction assistance silver shrine for the relics of St. Euphrosyne, Abbess of Polotsk" received merit. "Order of St. Vladimir" head of state handed Metropolitan Filaret. Silverrebel writes: "The very book. Vladimir, as captured Polotsk Polotsk prince killed and raped Rogvolod Polotsk princess Rogneda …" Comments:
"But later he repented and Uladimir tonsured i named Basil";
"As thesmiling, "deserved Merit found a hero";
"It occurred to me even if Paulichenka bestowed."
Gomel writer Sergei Balakhonov your own blog under the labels "Anthology of Belarusian poetry" contains a record of his own poems deklyamatsyi Vladimir Karatkevich "Aelita mixture Pinocchio":
Aelita mixture Pinocchio, Star unquenchable in the window, sad, beautiful, forgotten, In the evening you come to me. Funny and seemed sleepy, tenderness under my silent, And later faithfully and humbly fall asleep on my shoulder. And I pray the sun, sky, Korsten: Let it glow over you, over your ex hurt tough Endless — tenderness and love. Let it not be for you to menacing, put on soft sand, endless mountains ascend into the heads Vspenyats sea is not bad at the feet, feed him warm caress bread unimat memoirs evil surf.
Then I will become an endless sky, blue endless sky above you.
[19 March 1967]
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