Number of refugees seeking to Belarus, decreases

Today in Belarus official refugee status received 798 people from 13 countries in the world.
More migrants from Afghanistan (about 75%), followed by refugees from Georgia (10%), 5% — from Ethiopia, 4% — from Tajikistan, 3% — from Azerbaijan. Other 2-3% are refugees from Iran, India, Liberia, Rwanda.
Not every worker — Runaway
Many migrants in the world — almost 200 million, but the real refugees in their midst least 10%, explains the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees Yuri Morgounov:
"Migrants are different categories — economic, environmental, people who seek to arrange a better life. They maybe also need the support of the international community, but not the defense. And refugees — those people who are fleeing persecution who need protection."
United Nations High Commissioner together with the Belarusian authorities introduces a model for international refugee protection system.
Yu.Margun: "One of the more pressing problems — housing"
Belarus acceded to the International Convention on the Status of Refugees in 2001. Enacted laws that guarantee the rights of refugees to education, medical service.
But difficulties remain, says Yuri Morgounov:
"One of the more acute — the problem of the home. Naturally, the actual filling of refugee protection is determined by economic power of the country. Clear that Belarus is in a difficult economic situation, can not assist refugees because it is able to do more comfortably government."
This year, 2 persons recognized as refugees of 25
In the late 1990s, the Department of Citizenship and MIA movement weave treated people requesting refugee status.
With each passing year becomes less says Head of the Department for Refugees Tatiana Tumashik:
"On June 1 examined 25 applications, two people recognized as refugees (one from Afghanistan, one from Georgia), 23 people refused."
Belarusian Afghans in the main markets are trading
Many Afghan interests in Belarus fraternities protects International Public Association of Afghan refugees and its chairman Rahman Sophie Seyful:
"Top prepyadstviya faced Afghan refugees — registration and housing. Propiska get for the whole family (a family of Afghans huge) very hard, need money. Well, the living area to get all the more difficult."
As for the means of subsistence, Rahman Seyful Sophie says:
"Some receive social assistance from the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, the red cross society helps. Some, those who have the right to work, have to earn in the main markets are trading."
Number of temporary residence Fri grow to 4
The procedure for registration of refugees in Belarus began to operate in 1999.
In Belarus with the European Union, international structures made two temporary residence Fri asylum shelter while continuing refugee status determination procedure: in Vitebsk and Minsk-2 airport. Fri built two more — in Gomel and near Brest.

According to the Cabinet of the highest United Nations Commissioner for Refugees, at the end of 2006 there were more than 11 thousand refugees from Belarus. Of these 9371 people were granted refugee status, and the case still 1691 people were consideration by the authorities of states where these people checked out of Belarus.
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