Opposition candidates need emotional support

By Yaroslav Bernikovich of the deepest and Tatiana Seviarynets Vitebsk, these reviews are only positive: people offer help and opposition political support.

Ph.D. in Glubokoe constituency number 22, a member of BPF Jaroslav Bernikovich told that prepared for publication in local newspapers not only its program from, and special appeal to voters: Located contact numbers and Internet addresses so that people can access it from their wishes, suggestions or critical comments. The program was written in 3 local newspapers because of the selective neighborhood includes Glubokoe Glubokskiy, Usha and Dokšycy areas. Surprisingly sovereign Bernikovich nor 1st negative reviews from their own potential voters he did not wait — first phone call was the same with the support of the proposal:
— Was already located my programm with contacts — it was manufactured in order to increase the number of active people, so they were combined. And it is the reverse relationship: people call, want to join our party. These elections will be completed, but life will continue — and will be the next presidential election. Because new people are needed to work for the benefit of our Motherland.
By Yaroslav Bernikovich, campaigning — it is a good means for generating a feedback with voters. Because the candidate personally distributes leaflets in their own environment to be able to talk to people in the most concrete way.
On the connection with voters that are installed once during the campaign, and told Tatiana Seviarynets that is running on the 17th of Vitebsk-Gorky constituencies.

—Feedback began after raskidvannya leaflets. For example, calling lyudt, who live in my house, and our name from their "at the hearing." And Mrs. said that she was very well applies to me and to my platform, which is set out in the leaflet. And she did not even want to hear that the opposition is probably no need to go to the polls. States that still need, though she worries that I do not reach a certain number of votes — told Tatiana Seviarynets.
It reads, people ready to assist her during the campaign, and also offer her forthcoming cooperation:
— Mom with her daughter called me, even asked who I was in the sign of the zodiac, uttered that shared my position and that want I have something to promote. And now, in the evening I meet with this woman to tell more carefully about the Belarusian Christian Democracy, and in general about their own eyes. And about what it can assist me as a candidate.
By Tatiana Seviarynets views, opposition candidates currently not need as much practical help as emotional support in that case, in which they came from. Indeed, in the vast majority of districts in the Vitebsk region opposition will have to compete with the pro-government candidates very highest level, which is pretty to use "administrative resources" to ensure victory for himself. So, Tatiana Seviarynets will compete in the elections with the Chairman of the Vitebsk City Council Gennady Gritskevichi, Jaroslaw Bernikovich of the deepest — with the Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Vladimir Andreychenko.

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