Or assure Bush in Prague South American enemies radar?

Before the arrival of George W. Bush in Prague Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke ill again over plans to organize objects» American antyraketnay system in Central Europe. Putin referred antyraketnuyu system "part of the U.S. nuclear shield" and said that for the first time in the history of the objects» U.S. nuclear arsenal will be available in Europe.
USA wants to install 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and on the ground radar station — in the Czech Republic, 70 km south-west of Prague. These plans not only caused resentment of, and the shared public opinion of America’s closest allies.
60% of Czechs — against radar
Before the arrival of George W. Bush in Prague inhabitants 3 Czech villages near the proposed site for the radar, held referendums on which an absolute majority spoke out against such neighborhood. Previously with the same result naughty held referendums even a 2-villages.
The results of these local referendums are not of mandatory, but they reflect the concerns of the Czech public U.S. proposals. According to opinion polls, 60 percent of Czechs oppose the radar on his own South American country.
Bush hopes for their own visit to Prague itself to achieve positive change in the Czech public thought. Bush will hold talks with Czech President Vaclav Klaus, Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek» EPAM and Jiri Parovbkam favorite opposition.
Opposition asks referendum, Prime — against
Last reaches a nationwide referendum on the placement of parts of the American system antyraketnay Czech countryside.
Prem» er Topolanek against such a referendum, he believes that rather consent of Parliament. Yes, and there are likely difficulties. The ruling coalition is in control of exactly half the votes in the Czech parliament, and such makarom to support the American proposal needs at least one voice of opposition.
Czech opponents antyraketnay system concerned naughty likely impact of the radar station on the health and safety of people. They also believe that in the case of constructing the Czech Republic may be » object of a terrorist attack.
Topolanek: Negotiations stay if Congress limit funding
Prem» er Topolanek on Sunday expressed support for the plan, saying that European civilization can be lost, if it does not defend itself. Coupled with this, he stressed that the negotiations with the United States over the radar station stop when the U.S. Congress to limit funding for the project.
Congress now controlled by the opposition Democrats D. Bush, considering urazannya budget applets creation missile defense system on 310 millions of dollars.

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