Painters — Gregory Baradulin

"I am very pleased to welcome Uncle Gregory’s office BPF" (applause).
So began the celebration Party Chairman Vintsuk Vyachorka. One of the first word took control center Jazeps Drozdovich organizer, plein air, dedicated to Gregory Baradulin Hell Raychonok:
"Workshop we usually devoted to the people with us. And painters decided what you need appreciate the people in life. We have our own people, our native Rygorka. We love him very much. So we decided to immortalize it in Last year spent plein air. And you know, it was the most successful open-air ".
Role in the opening ceremony were singers and musicians. Other word in the midst of one of the participants took a plein air painter and exhibition Alexei Marochkin:
"We have already" en plein air "may ’13. Naturally, the closest place to our hearts and our souls is Bulls, where he was born Vasil Bykov. And next — Ushachchina — fabulous countryside and lakes. Give him the God of health, our Rygorku. Let greet him again . "
Total exhibition taken about 40 works of artists from all over Belarus. This graphics and painting, and gabelen. Here Gregory Baradulin portraits, his family home and landscapes homeland.
Here that said during his speech uncle Ryhor:
"It came to me here and fine, nothing hurts me: I’m back in Belarus Belarus. Wrote poetry on the open air: Again I secured for years, seldom think about the gentry, and about native zaty mosquitoes biting somehow Sadad Thanks, who was involved, I am pleased to build young eyes — our hope. Thanks to you for the memories.’ll try to live. Live Belarus ".
At the end of Belarusian musicians sang. And in memory of the participants were taken opening presented booklet entitled Painters Gregory Baradulin "to better soul."

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