Paul Seviarynets: Being a Belarusian — moral standard

— Belarusian national idea — essentially Christian.
The question "For what we, Belarusians live as a civilization?" Not haunted, surely, each nationally conscious Belarusians. We heard about the different projects of the Belarusian national idea. Russian. Litvinsky. Pagans. Russian. Present red-green …
But, my eyes, they delve into the most sartsaviny — Belarusian national idea.
There is the usual method to find it. This is — look around, analyze the entire thousand-year history of Belarus. And if you do that, it becomes clear: the absolute majority of prominent Belarusians, the vast majority of historically important cases were unique Belarusian-Christian.
And practically speaking, in the form of constantly glowing Belarusian Christian content.
Belarus in the heart of Europe bears a very unusual goal.
In time South American salting Krol said that the conscience of Europe. This formulation seems to me very principleth.
Significance of civilization, and its importance at least some person is determined not by how much it has or how she captured, and how much she gave.
Belarusians gave all his life.
Because, in my opinion, be a Belarusian — is to be a Christian.
And to be a Belarusian — it is a moral standard.
Paul Seviarynets — ’32. Grad school with a gold medal, and then Geography Faculty of BSU. In 1995, Paul joined the BPF Seviarynets "Revival". Four he was Deputy chairman of the Party BNF. From 1999 to 2004 — a favorite "Young Front".
In 2005, Paul was recognized Minsk Tribunal guilty in organizing protests against the official results of the elections and referendum in 2004 and up to 2007, serving a sentence restriction of freedom for logging in Polotsk district, in the village of Little Sitna. Currently working on a revival of the political party "Belarusian Christian Democracy".

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