Paul Seviarynets: Europe renounces faith

— Uncommon motto "Belarus to Europe!"
At the moment, we have a thousand km common border with the European Union, pro-European slogans, not behold the Belarusian politicians themselves without a Western tradition — Europe now plays quite an important role in Belarusian politics and consciousness.
But — there is a paradox in Europe?
In my opinion, it is essentially based on faith. Faith in God. Faith in their own strength. Faith in his vocation and his calling.
But at the moment Europe refuses massively from the source that gave her essence.
When I was in the capital of the European Parliament Strasbourg, there stands a tremendous department — about 150 meters high. But actually dead: only a handful of believers inside and around — tourists and migrants from Asia.
This — the image that Europe is losing the essence.
What did the case of Belarus, which seeks to Europe, then to my eyes, she is able to return Europe that European, with which it all began.
Belarus as Europe myslitstsa me specifically Christian state. Because when there is a question of "Go west or not?" My answer is — yes, go.
But! Need to go with the faith which is the essence of Europeanness.
Of faith in God came European culture, European tradition. And in the end — all of European civilization.
Paul Seviarynets — ’32. Grad school with a gold medal, and then Geography Faculty of BSU. In 1995, Paul joined the BPF Seviarynets "Revival". Four he was Deputy Chairman BPF. From 1999 to 2004 — a favorite "Young Front".
In 2005 Paul was found guilty Minsk Tribunal in the organization of protest official results of the elections and referendum 2004 and up to 2007, serving a sentence restriction of freedom for logging in Polotsk district, in the village of Little Sitna. Currently working on a revival political party "Belarusian Christian Democracy".

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