Polish pastor forbade arrival in Belarus for 5 years

For preaching at an unauthorized service at Trinity prazdnichek May 27 he was fined 31 a thousand rubles. Jaroslaw Lukasik were ordered to leave Belarus on June 7, also forbade vyazhzhats 5 years in the country.
Now the building council police Central district together with Yaroslav Lukasik came wife Natalia, children Ian, Martin and Peace, also fellow co-religionists of John the Baptist Church.
Prerequisite was calling protocol made by police on Sunday. Jaroslaw Lukasik, coupled with Pastor Anthony Bokun accused of conducting unauthorized worship, the main for all Christians of Evangelical Faith prazdnichek Trinity.
Anton Bokun Tribunal fined 620 thousand rubles.
Pastor harm state security
A May 8 police Myadel district canceled Jaroslaw Lukasik permit the continued residence in Belarus. He gave the order until June 7 to leave the area of the country.
Authorities believe that the work of the pastor Lukasik "aimed at harming national security Republic of Belarus in the field of interfaith relations. "He was also accused of participating in illegal gatherings constructively minded politicized groups.
Now we Jaroslaw Lukasik with the chief of the Central Police Department took place in the presence of the consul of Poland Miroslaw Jagielski.
For preaching the sermon during an unsanctioned worship the emperor Lukasik fined 31,000 rubles. Him for 5 years can not vyazhzhats in Belarus.
Jaroslaw Lukasik so commented the government’s decision:
"This is lawlessness. My wife and kids Belarusians. And I’m a good part own life gave Belarus. And I blame harming state security. Until last Sunday, there was no report about my religious activities. A penalty was given to a minimum. As with everything — soon give small punishment. "
But his wife Natalia outlook:
"Once we have made a conscious decision to be in Belarus. And we do not have to ask permission from anyone — can not preach to us. There is a God whom we serve. And we have the right to talk to people. States on its wonders and majesty. And then, that at the moment occurs, it is wickedness, which we must protest. "
Natalia Lukasik already addressed in the presidential administration and the Ministry of Interior with the requirement not to expel the wife and not razbivats family. But without result.
Lawyer of the church "New Life" Sergei Lukanin also believes that a fine and deportation from Belarus pastor Lukasik illegal.
On Sunday at 18 o’clock in the church "Grace" that the street Gursky in Minsk held a citywide prayer of the faithful. They will pray for the fact that the authorities did not prohibit arrest priests and religious meetings.
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Jaroslaw Lukasik lived in Belarus for more than 14 years
Wife and kids pastor requires that their family is not broken
Solidarity with them and fellow believers

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