Political Council for the Congress missed two 20 well-known personalities

Stanislav Shushkevich offered to put on the agenda of the meeting of political council a day or question "Taming of intrigue." It was due, incidentally, that at the last meeting of the Party of Communists of Belarus blocked the nomination of delegates to the Congress of recognizable people.
During the meeting the emperor was personally Shushkevich list of recognizable individuals in Belarus, which he believes must be congress delegates. Members of the council to vote on each nomination.
In the end, 22 people were held. Among them Ryhor Baradulin Neil Gilevich Gennady Buraukin, Radim Gorki, Nikitchenko Ivan Sergei Zakonnikau Olga Ipatova Ales Pashkevich, Victor Skorobogatov and others.
Chairman of the Political Council Alexander Milinkevich commented "Freedom" is a solution:
"With great difficulty, with difficulty still several persons included. And the happiness — we do not need them and they need us, that Congress looked more or less presentable. Okay, it’s been at least a little. But I regret that there is no majority those people, which are not in any way affiliated our political affairs, but very active, public, leading, really very famous personality. That they are not to be missed by the Congress. "
Also on the political council discussed how will draw hall of Congress. Expressed here sometimes inverse. If the "Young Front" suggested the slogan "Belarus for Christ", the favorite PKB Sergei Kalyakin offered "Belarus for socialism."
The Young Haretski explained:
"We offered the organizing committee arranged on the balcony in the hall, which will host the congress motto" Belarus for Christ. "But members of the communist party and other leftist parties expressed directly against. They do not believe Belarus for Christ. Well, we will bring, certainly, this motto because Christian ideology — is what keeps our organization. And, of course, flags white-red-white. I hope this will be the largest mass symbolism in the hall. "
Members of the council expressed the hope that everyone can bring their own symbols in the room. But the scene will be framed more strictly.
Culturologist Vaclav Oreshko Pronunciation:
"The main sign that will be repeated and at the entrance to the building, both on stage and in the hall — a sign of the United Democratic Forces, wood in the form of Belarus, which was held at the Congress. Further symbolism is only one banner with a tree on the stage 2 Second on the balcony. Laterally will be added symbolism that was used during the campaign that came with the last Congress, this heart in Belarus — "I Love Belarus" and "For Freedom" — the bird. mottos No other will not. "
Political Council approved the draft Congress appeals to the people, international society, to all government employees. A draft resolution on the termination of the persecution of people for the presentation, the release of political prisoners and the rehabilitation of victims of the regime.

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