Poll: Is there freedom of the media in Belarus?


Woman: "I think this question currently very topical for us. And everyone thinks, and I including, not until the end we developed a means mass disk imaging . "
Young Man: "No, because the majority of the media is in the hands of the authorities."
Man: "Yes. Many newspapers that write about he wants people know. I think, this is enough. "
Man: "No. Do not give" Narodnaya Volya "issue in Belarus. Is that the" Bel "exists. A municipal media — it’s completely wrong."
Lady: "I think there is. At least, not beheld anything to anyone forbade. "
Lady: "I think that there is, because from time to time and turn itself into a magazine. They write from the heart. I Like the magazine, "The success and Health." Excellent writing about science. "
Reporter: "A comprehensive information of Belarusian media you can get?"
Lady: "I’m more interested in science because I did not know."
Reporter: "Does the Belarusian media freedom?"
Woman: "I think not. For example, the" People’s Will "is prohibited. Banned freedom of speech."
Lady: "I do not think so. Not a lot of people will say that thinks. Or write about what we have going on Actually . "
Man: "I think not. No free access to the media. Worth kiosk, self-contained and there is nothing to buy. People who have other eyes to what is happening here, do not have access to municipal media, which are financed by taxpayers. If b another idea and what the eyes have access, I would have said that there is a freedom. "

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