Protesters against the abolition of benefits fined

Children took part in a protest against the abolition of benefits for students, pensioners and other socially vulnerable categories of the population. Nicholas and John was accused of violating the law on mass events.
More than 10 ka youth activists of the democratic movement came to support Yana Mikhailova and Nikolay Korshunov in the Metropolitan Tribunal district of Minsk.
Voice Galina Vetkin:
"I came to support his own friend, and also Nicholas Korshunova, as it is unfair. They do what is not guilty. Why are they judged? They came out for the interests of others — and my interests too.’s And came to support them" .
Recall youths detained May 23 after, as they tried to hold a rally on Independence Square. Since commandos drove people from the area, several young activists began with a banner "No — the abolition of privileges" on the street of Leningrad.
Commandos arrested Ian Nicholas Mikhailov and Korshunova. Policemen at the Metropolitan police department made their protocols for his role in an unsanctioned event. Children spent the night in the slammer Akrestsin Street.
Voice Yang Mikhailov:
"Went because it does not agree with the abolition of privileges. What I povinet? In that overlooked the street? Believe that power unwilling to youth coming out with such demands. Students do not come out because they are intimidated. This action did not know much. "
Business Nicholas Korshunova treated in an adjoining room and sentence (penalty 10 baselines) read almost immediately.
Nicholas told how he was treated during his detention:
"Some have been detained, then beat me in the car.’s Have witnesses. Holds that what I resisted Tipo … He beat commando. Recorded in the protocol name. Later, when we have brought, it states that we in than either guilty, passport data recorded and planted. Vechercom, somewhere in the ninth or tenth we were taken on Akrestin. "
Nikita Krasnov commented "freedom" sentences:
"I think that they have fined despite the fact that their guilt was not. Authorities decided not to arrest a young man, so as not to raise the issue of benefits. They were given a penalty to punish them somehow."
Youth activists said that despite the arrest action against the abolition of benefits will continue until mid-September.
Yang Mikhailov
Nikolay Korshunov
Colleagues at the courthouse

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