Repressed shared their experiences with youth

Reporter: "We go into the Grodno Company Belarusian schools, there will be a round table dedicated to the victims of political repression in Belarus. Already young people gathered, some senior people in the room just over forty people.
Leads a meeting historian Edward Dmukhovskyy and starts a conversation roundtable Hist. Ales Smolenchuk.
Smolenchuk "From time to time you can hear: killed in Byelorussia and Western Belarus Poles carried out repression and also repressed Belarusians. Indeed, the policy of the Polish country was a policy of oppression of the Belarusian, it certainly. But still equate impossible here of Belarusian activists were killed units in the thirties, in Byelorussia survived unit.
The same 1939 year was awful in the history of our town. People were that were shot on location bullpen that shot in Donuts in the area of old Jewish cemeteries, near the bridge over the Neman. "
Dmukhovskyy: "I remembered the story of my family I am the grandson of a repressed, my grandfather is very lucky, he spent all Three years, since Stalin died, and his grandfather later released. But my great-grandmother did not lucky, her entire family in the 39-40th years of winter taken, the husband could not stand it — died, she stayed with malehankih the children, she had the baby, they were taken to Arkhangelsk, and the child died, it was winter . And she hid it in the snow: realize in Arkhangelsk on another it was unreal.
We currently have a unique opportunity to hear the stories alive. I wish that we have before us made Tamara P. Sviridov. "
Sviridov: "Our father, a career military man, first war captured. There wasof three concentration camp, he ran away from each. In its 45th year the Americans released him from Nazi captivity, but almost three months after he gets in Stalin’s camps, even scarier. Of the Stalinist camp, he has not come out alive. The most terrible thing: our mother died, me and my sister was four years old. I remember that we climbed the trash, found food. Later we got into a terrible detpryemnik in Sterlitamaku. I remember something terrible and dark. We did not know that the enemy of the people we have kids, but we were treated as children of the enemy nation. But we survived all the same, we at the moment for 68 years will soon be, we survived all enemies out of spite. "
Tamara P. Sviridov — the daughter of "the enemy of the people": the Red Army officer repressed, which was rehabilitated only in 1975. Now Dr. Ivan Gorbachevich.
Gorbachevich: "In the office security officer Major Volkov pulled a gun: you’re under arrest. 5 and a half years in Stalin’s camps. How came out, I spent a whole year could not find a job, never given, as the document is written back from prison," the enemy of the people . "
Dmukhovskyy: "We are just beginning, I think we’ll be going to, as there Grodno Kurapaty, there is evidence that there are such places. Necessary to conduct research, invite young, who is curious to join in this work.
What else we did on present day? Came to worship Kaloskay church where the priest prayed for all the repressed, as he said: "For all the innocent victims godless authorities in our country."
In pictures: daughter recalls "the enemy of the people" Tamara Sviridov, youth listening.

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