Russian economy starts to shake?

According to the views of columnist Andrew Kremer, Russian stock market is currently experiencing the worst recession since the financial crisis of 1998.
So called RTS — stock index reflecting the stock price 50 configuration important Russian companies (Aeroflot, Gazprom, Lukoil, Sberbank, Uralkali, etc.) — has fallen since May, at almost 48 percent. This decrease is partly explained by views Kremer, trends in the global economy, where the fall in oil prices. But part of the blame also lies with the Russian-Georgian war that scared foreign investors.
Yesterday, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the government to suspend the stock market downturn, which he called a "temporary phenomenon." Money Minister Alexei Kudrin suggested that the government invested funds from the pension fund and of so-called welfare fund of the state (in which 32 billion dollars, deferred to ensure the pension system) in securities and deposits in the domestic market.
Yesterday, as the Central Bank had spent more than 10 billion dollars country’s banking system, so increment its liquidity and finish Russian ruble depreciation against the dollar.
The current edition of the English weekly Financial Times quoted an analyst of Russian Alfa Bank, who believes that if the Russian government invested in the stock market even 3 billion dollars from its own special funds, such an intervention would have one symbolic value (3 billion dollars — this is just about the volume of day trading on the stock market of the Russian Federation).
But another analyst cited by the newspaper, with Uralsib Bank believes that the Russian government is better to invest in the stock market at the moment, than to wait until the market abvyalitstsa even more, if it no intervention will not help.

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