Russian singer forgotten era

Is that honors students and older writers remember textbook Brovkavy product "smells of thyme", "Voice of the Heart" or "Alexandrina" (thanks "Pesnyary"). The young poet, Cand.Phil.Sci Victor Zhibul published recently in the journal "Arche" essay "futurists Petrus Brovka":
"How is it presently can intrigue? So it is that was related to the Belarusian vanguard communities, namely, to" Art Commune. "This first community in Belarus, which declared principles garde, futuristic, viz. That that did Petrus Brovka, it was good, at least … "
"The authorities still do not read books and will not read"
Brovko once heard, when met at the UN that only the Government considered civilized, that has coat of arms, flag and encyclopedia. And he said — we will do national encyclopedia. Playwright, Ph.D. Ales Petrashkevich recalls:
"He collected closest to the people for themselves — Skrygan, Kazeko me, and his sentence was a shock:" Guys, the ability to will do encyclopedia fair, truthful. "Pause. And says:" After the authorities still did not read the books, do not read and read, for sure, will not. "So we did it. And reddish encyclopedia written more truth than is written in the modern 17 -volume. rehabilitated and given, and on the Russian-Belarusian war and childbirth magnate … Opened Belarushchyny unexplored continent. Very sadly, we do not have such Brovko not have been publishing "Belarusian Encyclopedia" …
"He was first Belarusians"
Sharp pen Gregory Baradulin credited numerous epigrams devoted to Belarusian writer. And of Shemyakin that "Pyka adjoins" and Gilevich that "highest", and about bulls that "large." And about Brovko who "writes deftly and long" … Ryhor Baradulin actually really appreciates awards Petrus Brovki:
"Brovko was the official Russian poet. But for all that, he is very Belarusians, and tried very hard todo, which can be was under the criteria for the Belarusian case. The fact that he was able to make the first Belarusian encyclopedia building itself kick — can imagine how hard it was! He lives at the monument was necessary to put in the encyclopedia. So that would be about it or read: "singer, singer Russian era", it was first Belarusians ".
• A.Petrashkevich: "Belarusian Encyclopedia destroy the Russian Red Guards", 05.06.2006 • Petrus Brovka — unnoticed 100th anniversary 02.08.2005

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