Saudi Arabia buys U.S. C-130J-30 and KC-130J for $ 6.7 billion

 Saudi Arabia buys U.S. C-130J-30 and KC-130J for $ 6.7 billion

WASHINGTON. Agency for Defense and Security has notified the U.S. Congress on
probable sale to Saudi Arabia of 20 aircraft C-130J-30 and 5 KC-130J aircraft
air refueling, and associated equipment, parts,
, Training and logistical support — the estimated price of 6.7
billion. bucks.

The proposed sale of aircraft C-130J-30 and KC-130J will contribute
improvement of foreign policy and national security of the United States,
helping to improve the security of a friendly country which has been and continues
remain the principal force for political stability and economic
progress in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia needs these aircraft to substitute aging
fleet, which in the near future the country faces. Sale C-130J and KC-130J will provide
modern technology, improve reliability and enhance the ability of Royal Saudi
Air Force.

The sale of these aircraft will not influence the change in the military
balance region.

The main suppliers are Lockheed Martin (
Maryland Bethesda), General Electric (Virginia), and the company Rolls Royce
(Indianapolis, Ind.) ..

Views on military analysts proposed transaction does not
affects the combat readiness of the U.S. Army in connection with the possibility of leakage of technology


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