Than the T-50 is the «Americans»: Australian rating

Than the T-50 is the

Honored Scientist and Engineer in electronics analyst center Air Power Australia Dr. Carlo Kopp has recently published its opinion on the promising Russian fighter of the 5th generation T-50 (PAK FA). Kopp first considered important quality fighter — his stealth radar.

By Carlo Kopp views, first Russian stealth plane least secretive than the South American F-22, and approximately equal in size to the smallest yet the F-35. But in some other qualities of the T-50 «Sukhoi» surpasses South American model.

It is scandalous for Western professionals conclusion is based on a scientific analysis of the effective scattering surface wave radar (ESR), which ended last week. Carlo Kopp notes that EPR T-50 is identical to the same period of the F-22 and F-35. But this estimate is given with some unguarded. Thus, spice «Dry», in order to bring T-EPR 50 to F-35 levels have to make a series of own aircraft design configurations. First, you need to reduce the radar signature of the engines and radar absorbing materials cover the plane.

Than the T-50 is the

If these turn out to solve puzzles, the Russian stealth will absolutely meet all modern requirements for low visibility in front projection. In other words, the approach of a new stealth from «Dry» will be very difficult to find a majority of modern radars.

According to Kopp, the gap from the Yankees on terms of development can be compensated by an impressive combat effectiveness of T-50, because a number of characteristics Russian plane even surpasses vaunted F-22.

First, the expert points higher thrust and maneuverability provided perfect aerodynamics, thrust vectoring, integrated advanced digital flight control system. The second important advantage is very large in store fuel — 25000 kg. So Makar, the T-50 will continue to fly and fight a war for a long time after the F-22 and F-35 tanks are empty.

In addition, the T-50 has an advantage over modern radars and several South American least before the new Chinese, specifically designed for the detection of American stealth. Radar AWACS E-2 and U.S. Navy F-22 and F-35 vs T-50 will have an average efficiency.
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