The apartments candidate Grjaznova

Retrieval Ludmila Grjaznova
— The inhabitants of the neighborhood adjacent to the Minsk Tractor Plant. The house down the street Vaneeva — nine-ordinary. Apartment dwellers open top floor:Hraznova
"Good morning, thank you discovered us."Prince
"Come to us at the light."Hraznova

"Thank you, certainly. A coffee can have a cup?"Hraznova
"My name is Ludmila Hraznova, I am your candidate for deputy and brought to you their flyers."Mrs.
"Is that you?"Hraznova
"Yes, I am. Read you and let people read, that knew what kind of person I am, how I breathe air, and let determine who to vote for."Mrs.
"We promise much all decent, but then do not. I do not know …. You call, of course, trust.’ll See, I will distribute to neighbors."Hraznova
"Thank you and goodbye doskorogo."
Lyudmila Hraznova states that residents of the area — mostly working tractor factory. Many comes from the village, and it asks for the extra effort:
"There are such factor: almost everything is depending on whether the information is independent of the campaign the other day. If so, the people are very excellent, as his own. If not, then fear and are sitting, so to speak, in their burrows" .

"You live in this neighborhood?"Prince
: "Yes."Correspondent
"You know who candidates in your environment?"Prince
"I know, but forgot the name."Correspondent
"And this candidate, from whom he received a flyer?"Prince
"No, but read: Lyudmila Hraznova. Excellent, met, maybe for her and will vote."Correspondent
"Either read the leaflet that was given to you?"Mrs.
"Did not have time, but certainly read it — you see, I have already and deployed."Mrs.
"But I will not vote for anyone. I made at the tractor factory 38 years, and around all that is precious. So for whom I will vote? For him? That he still expensive cars ride?"Correspondent
"Do you understand your candidate?"Mrs.

How people react to election campaign of the candidate from the opposition, which holds its particular representative? Lyudmila Hraznova answers:

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