This is the beginning of the end of the isolation of the Belarusian

They believe that this weakening can be fully — with the proviso that the parliamentary elections will be held here in accordance with international standards.
As stated in an interview with APA Austrian Minister Foreign Affairs Ursula Plasnik, for all the latest years it was "the first time when the foreign ministers of the EU together discussing the termination of sanctions against the Belarusian government and the subsequent ability of bilateral contacts." All this, according to the Austrian Minister, indicates "the beginning of the end of the isolation in which Belarus itself and fell."
Commenting on the decision foreign ministers Ministers of the EU towards Belarus, Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Alexandr Vondra, which yesterday also participated in the Brussels meeting, said:
"I think the goal yavna. Due to the developments in Georgia we are not all interested in seeing that someone was pushing Belarus to embrace its eastern (Russian) neighbor. But with all this we must be convinced that segodnyaschy positive trend in politics official Minsk — not a random episode and constant trend, "- said Vondra. By him, idea to remove the sanctions immediately with Belarus, the Czech Republic will not support.

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