U.Stalmashonak: In the fight against manifestations of anti-art needs an open art competition

"Babel" in 1917 reported: "Glavnakamanduyuchy guessing goes on, that whoever planted more than 10 tobacco plants, not later than 1 July this year, said the chief of the county planted spaces in square meters, of chysle tobacco plants and chysle smokers in his desire. Not later than December 15, it must accordingly to the place of land sown with tobacco measure pass povet boss for a fee. Part tobacco vlastsi owner left for him vlasnago Used. "
In 1927, "Star" on the anniversary Belgoskino writes: "Solely This year, thanks nobody strengthen the real base, in the absence of technical skills (lack of its film factory) still released the first Belarusian movie "Forest byvalschiny" which is of success not only in Belarus, and throughout the Soviet Union. In This year will be finished and released in two huge rolling art paintings: "Custom Kalinowski" and "Hirsch Lekertu" whose price provided prior estimate of 250,000 rubles. . "
On the pages of "Evening Minsk" commented exhibition painter U.Stalmashonak Ludmila Rusovoj, Igor and Todor Kashkurevich "Fragment-event": "Demonstrating such works alongside the other, so that everyone can compare and evaluate: where art and where garbage. Incidentally, board of the Union of artists decided to hold the Republican Youth Exhibition in no time two years, and once a year. And will they not vystavkoma, can demonstrate all … In the struggle against manifestations of anti-art needs an open art competition — this is my belief. "

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