V. Stefanovic: expect our homeland to promote democratization in Belarus, wrong

Authorities went to the aggressive human rights violations
Karatkevich: "Thursday was a report on human rights violations in Belarus over the last year. What was remarkable in the last year?
Stefanovic: "The year 2006 was notable for the amount of» human rights violations and persecution. Initially this is due to the presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus and those events which we have followed in March 2006. Then thousands of people have been brought to administrative responsibility, 10 matches — criminal responsibility for political reasons. We followed here and new trends of criminal prosecution, which we did not previously beheld — it is trying to attract political activists responsible for drug possession, as it was with colleague Angelica Borrys or Tipo for storage cartridges or accusation Paul Krasowski of involvement in bombings and Vitebsk rape of a minor …
Authorities are trying to throw on activists such aggressive criminal cases go to the dirty methods to be used in countries such as Uzbekistan. But so far, thank God, such samples are not passed, we managed to defend these activists. But these trends scare us.
It should be noted that other rights, such as freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, they lasted violated in Belarus. And we celebrate it in its own report for the last year. "
Sooner state that authorities made concessions
Karatkevich: "Valentin, the last days after the release of Paul and Sevyarinets Statkevich, sound expression that authorities made concessions in the process of economic and political pressure from Europe. Now the Foreign Ministry of Belarus Popov said that Belarus is no trade in this matter is not conducted. How do you rate this premature release? "
Stefanovic: "I can not agree with the views of the gentlemen Sevyarinets Statkevich and that based on the fact that both of these policies was twice denied parole based on the fact that they did not recognize their own guilt and repented not. But now, at one point, these people were released, despite the fact that none of them did not admit guilt. And because I believe that the Belarusian authorities are still certain concessions under threat of economic pressure from the European Union and the United States. Sooner state this fact, we’ll see what will happen on May 28 in Minsk during the trial of activists "Young Front." When this case will be dismissed if they release other political prisoners who are currently prisoners such as Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich, Alexander Kozulin, then it will be possible that Belarusian authorities are obliged to go to any concessions under pressure from the European Union and the United States. "
Belarus is not such a socially oriented state
Karatkevich: "Valentin, like you rate from the legal point of view the abolition of benefits in Belarus?"
Stefanovic: "The Constitution says that Belarus is a socially oriented state. This means that the government should provide some social benefits for certain groups that are socially secured, — the disabled, students, seniors. Fact that at the moment these authorities canceled benefits suggests that Belarus is not such a socially oriented state, as constantly asserts regime’s propaganda. Basically, I think this is a very sad fact. least in Europe the last groups such as students, everywhere have some benefits . Currently in Belarus these groups are deprived of such benefits. This is such evidence that the authorities really feel the economic effects of the increase in gas prices and oil prices likely economic sanctions by the EU and the U.S.. "
We managed to protect many
Karatkevich: "We often write on" Freedom, "asking, and who these Belarusian human rights protection. This concerns including lawyers representing the interests of the politically repressed. Like you explained to the audience why the constant application and Belarusian human rights violations of human rights and international reaction structures but the result is such that political persecution lasts? "
Stefanovic: "I would have said that that our work that we do every day for all these years finally gives fruit, and we believe that the released and Statkevich Seviarynets also has a bit of our work. We were able to assist many. Maybe students are not aware of numerous cases where we were able to minimize the punishment and if people are not imprisoned, but carried significantly more myagenkie sentences, and fines. It is the same case with Artur Finkevich, when he threatened to 8 years bullpen for what he wrote motto is "We want a new president," and he was given 18 months of confinement but the consequences could be even worse. I believe that this award of attorneys and human rights organizations in Belarus, who directed attention to it. Because I believe that we have a lot of protection, repelling from the terrible prison criterion. "
Our homeland is not interested in a democratic government in Belarus
Karatkevich: "Valentin, the weekend will be the Congress of Democratic Forces, one strategy they say supporters including the dialogue with Russia, the European Coalition, together with Nikolai Statkeicham poses the question:" We are in Asia or in Europe? "Tell me, is the hope of the Russian Federation in terms of support for democratization."
Stefanovic: "I believe that our homeland is not the guarantor of human rights, which could be. What we are looking at the moment in Russia shows that authoritarianism is developing by leaps and bounds there. Count on the fact that our homeland to promote democratization in Belarus, I seems wrong. Our homeland, I believe, is not interested in a democratic regime in Belarus, as in this case, it will lose control Belarus over the last its satellite, which will go to the European Union, to the West. "
Karatkevich: "Valentin, how old are you doing human rights work? "
Stefanovic: "More than 10 years. I never thought that it would be so long, but, unfortunately, because there is …"
Karatkevich: "Which of the international human rights activists and politicians do you think the most powerful in the protection of human rights?"
Stefanovic: "On the ground that Gandhi and Martin Luther King, who raised the issue of racial inequality in the U.S. and reached the victory and the creation of equal ability for all. This man who ruined racial segregation and inequality through peaceful means."

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