What arrested KGB colonel and head Belneftehim?

Middle of the last sonorous criminal cases, by Peter Miklashevich, special attention should arrest senior briber, who worked for the KGB and then chairman of the concern "Belneftekhim" Alexander Borovsky, in which portrayed "millions of dollars. "
This confirmed: the case against senior officers of the KGB and MVD, indeed, started. It came out more on May 31.
"Indeed, the Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus opened a case of bribery against 3 colonels KGB and MVD, among which one active KGB. They arrested. Thing lead investigator of the Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus", — said Miklashevich.
Earlier online edition reported that among those arrested — Chief Directorate of the KGB personnel sovereign Snowstorm. On the question whether there is such people middle of the detainees, said journalist Peter Miklashevich "Freedom": "You do know. I’m not naming names."
According to the Attorney General, who was arrested KGB colonel received a large bribe. Precise amount Petr Miklashevich did not call.
Said more details about the case of Attorney General Chairman "Belhaftahimu" Alexander Borovsky:
"Concern engaged in the purchase of crude oil and refined product. All theft just associated with these operations. Losses have not measured one million bucks. "
Alexander Borovsky suspect under three articles of the Criminal Code, including disclosure service in Enigma. It is clear that at the meeting with the role of Alexander Lukashenko past chairman of "Belneftekhim" publicly criticized the way the Belarusian side was negotiating with Russia over oil duties.
Reporters asked about Peter Miklashevich disposition information Tipo agalosiv Alexander Borovsky. According Miklashevich, these data apply only to transactions with petroleum products.
The Attorney General said on a number of cases in which the prosecutor’s office monitors. Seriously there is an investigation into the death of Belarusian pilots in Somalia. There KGB investigator prevents "hectic situation."
Attorney General anxiety caused by the situation at customs. Recent years 10s customs sat on the dock for the abuse, but the number and size of the atrocities at the customs were not the least. By Peter Miklashevich, here the problem in "human shortcomings."
The Attorney General also said that before This time not found the last employee of the prosecutor’s office in Gomel, who helped conceal the crime with bandits so called "Morozovskoj group." Once a year, about a thousand Belarusian criminals are in Russia and returned to Belarus, but to find a former employee of the prosecutor’s office is not yet possible.
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