Which reaches from K. Shatsikava juvenile committee?

June 11, scheduled the trial for juvenile commission. Christina says Shatsikava.
"According to the documents, I do not teach, do not bring up their own kids, I threw them in the lurch, and that my parents, as they have written with the words mom has to feed, clothe grandchildren, because I go to Minsk for a long time and there support the opposition. "
April 24, the same administrative commission she found in the grounds to be treated and sent it back for revision. As set Christina Shatsikava case of minors in the commission initiated October for the right Interior Mogilev.
Since the October district prosecutor’s office refused to satisfy complaints Shatsikava Christina and her mother Svetlana to wrongful acts of police Grabarava Alexander and Alexander Kosenkov. In their actions prosecutors found no illegal actions.
Remain unidentified motives and ultimate goals of the Commission’s action against juvenile Christina Shatsikava.
Chap. • To Mogilev complaint on Christina Shatsikava KGB officers is not satisfied

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