Who is online war against Estonia?

What began to happen in May with web browsing in Estonia, has been dubbed the war in cyberspace. Estonian authorities have a duty to protect their country from a very small huge flow of data that almost blocked the entire virtual infrastructure of Estonia. In mailboxes many users of the web started rolling trash, garbage requests, data flows from many sources. So, on the night of 8 to 9 May traffic volumes have grown many thousands of times.
Were overwhelmed by the web sites of the president, prime minister, parliament and other municipal agencies, intermittent work websites of several newspapers. Significantly hampered the work of the largest bank. "Hansabank" was required more than an hour to complete customer service in-line. His loss is estimated least a million bucks.
Estonian Defense Minister Jaak Aaviksoo said the attacks on Web hooked national security. That. what’s happening Minister associated with the blockade of sea ports.
For help in Tallinn came more spices in the field of information security with NATO, the Euro Union, the USA and Israel.
Many in Estonia believe that the war in cyberspace is organized by order of the Russian Federation or ethnic Russians in retaliation for the dismantling of the monument to Russian soldiers. Also it says that one Internet address from which the attack tuned, owned by an employee administration of President Putin.
Kremlin official dealer Dmitry Peskov stated that the Russian Federation is not the case in the attacks. Meanwhile Estonian police arrested and then freed 19-year-old inhabitant of Estonia Russian origin, suspected of organizing attacks. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, circulated a document in which lists several Internet addresses belonging to a computer in Russian municipalities that Tipo participated in the attacks.
But experts at stress that it is virtually impossible to prove, because the web completely adapted in order to plausibly refute anything you want.
In this story there are didactic moment. People are aware of and comprehend the extent to which may be vulnerable modern society.

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