Who judged the Young

In the Tribunal Leninsky district, which is in the House of Justice on the street Semashko bring activists "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka, Tatiana Shaputska Anastasia Loiko, Alexei Yanushevski and Anton Rusin.
For three days they spent in chambers bullpen Akrestsin Street.
November 7 the Young, among which were minor members of the organization, at the monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky unfurled "Communism on trial." Almost a couple of minutes commandos arrested picketers. Later minors taken from the police ancestors, and 3 women and 2-boys police report was drawn up for the role in an unsanctioned picket.
Ancestors of the detainees had hoped that the police released all and give them a summons to the tribunal, but when beheld that their personal belongings taken away, belts and shoelaces, it became clear that all will be taken to jail.
Favorite reads "Young Front" Zmitser Dashkevich

"That wave of repression that had fallen on the members and leaders of the" Young Front "still 2006 lasts up to This time. For some time, based on your personal interests, Lukashenko suspended her, saying at the 193rd article fines. For some time we have produced. But the essence of the regime does not change.
We had read about it when coming out of bullpen, because at the same time developing new criminal cases against our allies. "
Activists of "Young Front" two years remain under the scrutiny of special services. 10 people lured to criminal responsibility for his role in an unregistered organization. In the regions, sometimes called in for questioning branch managers.
Polotsk police questioned several activists of "Young Front", among which Katsyaryna Zhogal Denis Habirov, Dmitry Sokolov, Karen Platonov and Nikolai Demidenko.
Nikolai Demidenko said "Freedom":
"The investigation involved police officers. Summoned for questioning to Ivan Miniatures who inquires about the activities of" Young Front ", especially during the last campaign of boycott, and also past. Requested what the" Young Front "activists on Solovyov, Demidenko, Krutkin … common question.
I think it’s from the fact that the structure of Polotsk one of strongest in the country. Increased the number of members. Movement only intensified. That is why they are required to take some action. "
Associates Anastasia Palazhanka Tatiana Shaputska Anastasia Loiko, Alexei Yanushevski AntonaRusina and will expect them in court from 8am. Observers believe it is unlikely that after a 3-day stay in the slammer Malady punished with fines. They have prepared warm clothes and personal hygiene items.

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