Who provoked mess March 25, 2006?

Several materials "Nasha Niva"Devotes a political prisoner Mikola Statkevich and Pavel Seviarynets." We have changed on trade preferences "- convinced now former political prisoners.
"We we see, that power ready to make concessions, but concessions to the Belarusian society, and Europe, that has levers to influence the Belarusian authorities, "- said Seviarynets. Seviarynets Paul Milinkievich going to help, at the" For Freedom ", he sees a huge prospect.
Statkevich said "Our field" that this exemption the government wants, that he participated in the Congress of Democratic Forces plasma arc. Both long-term policy counsel is necessary to go to the Congress, decided to go there to express their worldview.
"Brest newspaper." At 6 and a half years’ imprisonment Brest interpost tribunal sentenced 20-year-old soldier for illegal drug trafficking. Amphetamine fighter sold next to the checkpoint.
"Narodnaya Volya". Managing the legal service of Alexander Kozulin Volchek conducted its own investigation "Who provoked mess March 25 2006?"
Volchak writes that he still has reason to believe and confirm that the investigation and trial were conducted incomplete, inaccurate, nevsebakova. In his view, provocation on Dzerzhinsky Avenue was committed not by a group of people who were walking on the sidewalk, and management of law enforcement agencies, which gave the order for the illegal introduction of physical force, special means and weapons against peaceful people.
"Free Deep" devotes three articles samagonavarennya dilemma. Another article — resonance information newspaper "Zvezda" and the Belarusian television that 1st Gluboksky businessman seized alcohol in the amount of 38 million rubles.
Knows Glubokskiy journalist Vladimir Skrabatun:
"Our reader walked Glubokskaya businessmen. Their comment on this score bad. 25 thousand bottles of the" left "of vodka could make of this alcohol, and in no Profound and 25 thousand population. Well considered income. Calculated with a calculator that will be 40 million of net profit, if all this is processed on vodka. "
"Evening Brest". "Not enough" gray matter. "In the area — an acute shortage of cement, construction blocks and bricks. Solely Pruzany store application took 270 tons — a 5 cement wagons. Meanwhile quota in May came only 60 tons, in other words one car.

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