Why Alexander Kozulin refuses hospitalization?

With Alexander Kozulin colony Vitsba-3 met his lawyer. Lawyer, it became clear for the recovery, which imposed on Alexander Kozulin, allegedly for violating prison rules.
June 14 is confirmed daughter Julia policy deputy chief of the colony Ruslan Priymak:
"He said that the Pope head of the colony Ahnistsikau imposed penalty for a breach of discipline. Punished revocation of short-term appointment, which we have planned for the summer."
What exactly broke Alexander Kozulin, relatives unclear. In the prison administration refused to explain. Today’s collection of Alexander Kozulin — third in the first nine months of his stay in Vitebsk colony. Earlier he received during a hunger strike at the end of last year. According to relatives Kozulin, one for Tipo dispute with a representative, the second — for breaking the mold odezhki.
I recall a day or 53 policies hunger strike to protest against the government Alexander Lukashenko. During the hunger strike Alexander Kozulin lost over 20 kg.
As Kozulin feels at the moment?
Julia Kozulin said her father weighs 87 kg, though, that he was in jail with a weight of about 100 kg. On their own health in the last letters close Kozulin not tweeted yet. Information about what it’s going to bring healing to the republican clinic in Minsk, the lawyer said. Attitude to this very negative Kozulin, says his daughter:
"Dad is not willing. And indeed, why it’s going to put in the clinic if they say prison doctors themselves that everything is fine with him?"
In Last year in December, after a hunger strike Alexander Kozulin has offered medical treatment in the national hospital, but then the politician’s offer also declined.
Later, Alexander Kozulin told relatives that do not trust prison doctors. Survey and healing at-independent doctors who insist on relatives and associates Kozulin authorities he was not allowed.
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