Wyborcza: Parliament decision concerning Cuba and Belarus lowers UN

"The decision whether to exclude from the list of two modes, which apparently violate human rights, adopted as a result of political bargaining between the greatest states because until recently it was not clear, in general, the UN Council on Human Rights what-nibudt decide "- the newspaper.
According to the weekly views, summarized in the list of "sinful state" were the only ones who did not have a precise and decisive "chuck".
"For that is in the left Cuba, the Americans fought, but at the last moment gave way, in order to save Radu. Russians, in turn, is not allowed, that is in the left Belarus. Because compromise was to remove both countries", — the newspaper writes.
According to the Belarusian opposition and non-governmental organizations, which represent results "Gazeta Wyborcza", the decision of the UN is "a victory for the official Belarusian diplomacy," but "will harm Belarusian citizens"And" reduce the level of the UN. "
UN Council terminated the post of special rapporteur Belarus and Cuba 19.06.2007
A.Belyatsky "Cancel rapporteur — a result of the political contract" 19.06.2007

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