You can not quarrel in the country responsible for the moments

Born December 30, 1976 in Orsha, in the family of journalist Konstantin Sevyarinets and schoolteacher Tatiana Seviarynets. In 1994 he graduated from secondary school number 25 in Vitebsk Art and Architecture class in 2000 — geographical faculty of BSU, received the profession of engineer-geologist specialty "Exploration of minerals."
In 1994-1999, he worked as a reporter in a number of municipal and commercial editions. Since 1998, began to be published in the press to be independent as a writer.
In October 1995, joined the BPF "Revival". In February 1997 he headed the youth faction Minsk BPF. In September 1997 by the Constituent Seimas was elected co-chairman of the Young Front.
April 2, 1998 arrested during an opposition rally in Minsk and "failure concert dedicated to the unification of Russia and Belarus", placed in a detention facility in Valadarski Street. Two months later under pressure from the Belarusian and international public released and deported on bail in Vitebsk. Criminal case closed in November 1998 with no explanation or apology.
Participant and organizer of mass street protests of youth in 1997 —2004x 40 times more was arrested police and KGB general held in custody for more than 7 months and received 3.5 thousand dollars fine.
The founder of the educational project "Shaw Belarushchyny" courses "Di DJs Renaissance", the initiator of creation of the Belarusian democratic coalition of youth organizations "Change!" Also interfaith society "Christian Initiative". In the period 1999-2003 — vice-chairman BPF. From 1999 to 2004 — Chairman of the Young Front.
And one of the organizers of the Congress of the Belarusian youth (July 2001), the protection of Kurapaty (September 2001 — June 2002), a government campaign to "Belarus to Europe!" (Spring 2002), the electoral bloc "Young Belarus" (2004). One of the co-chairs of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party.
Creator of books: "DJs Renaissance" (1998), "Generation of Young Front" (2002), "State Thought" (2005), "Brother" and "Letters from Forest" (2007). Literary Prize Laureate Ales Adamovich behalf of the Belarusian PEN Center (2007).
During 2 years serving his sentence in the north of the Lesser Sitna Vitebsk region for the company mass actions.
Commenting on the elections to the House of Representatives, in an interview with Liberty Seviarynets Paul said: "After trips to the regions for me all the more natural it becomes one thing: there are no free and fair elections is not. With all this complexity of foreign policy situation only adds as they say, nervousness in the internal processes in Belarus. I think more appropriate for members of the public camp, representatives of the democratic forces would be at this point position — not to encourage people to go to the election, read: "Do not go to the polls, you okolpachat! Contact us. Here are our representatives, here are our favorites. Be with us, do not be with the regime! "And create such makarom parallel political space. "
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