Zmiter Fedoruk: This court victory occurred Belarusian spirit

Zmiter Fedoruk convinced that such a sentence Myagenkaya enough — the result "a power play with Europe and the West.
"No funds from mode to further delay the police system to continue this terror belarushchyny. This, of course, when tearing benefits to students and other citizens. Authorities needed some European or South American preferences.
Dmitry says that waiting for more fine, and the amount that it is obligated to pay is high:
"As for money, I can not say how I will pay will be hard enough to pay, because I live alone with my mother, I hope for support."
Dmitry convinced that the verdict has no effect on his public activities.
"Even if would put us in jail, it does not impact would be even greater than we tempered, strengthened, assured of victory. This court yesterday and now there is a powerful victory of the Belarusian spirit of the Christian spirit, and at the moment Belarus wakes another. Those young people who came to the tribunal, who observed the events through the web, I’m sure they will feel beloruschinu differently than before. "
Dmitry sure that the same mood in other Malady:
"Not one step back, only forward, it assigns more temper, even more conviction that our cause is not idle, because so many people come to the tribunal, the Belarusian sing songs, pray, some are even beginning to read in Belarusian even from this place."
Anastasia Palazhanka also pleased Myagenkaya sentence:
"But I’m more happy for those who was sitting next to me on this bench, as they adult unlike me and I risked more … will continue work with "Junior Front. "
Anastasia says that now wants to meet with friends, Malady to thank everyone who stood this time under the Tribunal and expressed solidarity.

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