10 day convicted youth activist Sergei Klyuyev

Meanwhile detention youth activists on the streets of Minsk last.The police district Partyzanski delivered Alex Szydlowski and Paul Baranowski. They were arrested on the street and in a small blame hooliganism. Earlier today the First of the area were detained Fahardinava Kasia and her friend.In Central District Court last Tribunal over student 3rd year at Moscow University of Friendship of Peoples Yuri Wolfson. His grandmother, who expects the result of the process at the courthouse, told the reporter Radio Liberty, that Minsk for her family» and — unhappy city. Four year reversed then lost track byas father Yuri — businessman

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Vitebsk Regional Tribunal dismissed the appeal of the prosecutor and the requirement Shchukin

Recall that half month reversed the district court referee Pershamajski Natalia Hur» yang Shchukin awarded a fine of 40 basic units (1 million 240 thousand rubles) Tipo for insulting members election commissions during the elections to the local councils. Grounds for initiating criminal case steel leaflets which criticized the human rights work of the district commission. In addition, the court ordered to pay 250 sovereign Shchukin thousand rubles Regional friend Election Commission Tatiana Buevich that only one of all the real Tipo victims claimed compensation for moral damage caused to her. Disagreeing with the court decision, Valery Shchukin applied to

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To Shydlovsky came home again and took him to the district court Guerrilla

Now the day due to lack of witnesses Tribunal over Alexei Shidlovskii and Pavel Baranovsky was postponed to August 8. Guys even officially handed agenda on today Recall they were arrested yesterday and charged with disorderly conduct small. July 24 total was delayed about 10 youth activists, public found the leaflets calling to participate in the opposition rally on July 27. All of them were charged with disorderly conduct small. Detainees facing arrest up to 15 days• Youth activists detain and punish arrests, 24.07.2007• Lasts Trials youth activists, 24.07.2007

Figure a day or 1 billion dollars

According to the Russian "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", we can talk about the delivery of mobile anti-aircraft missile system S-300P. Price of such a system is 0.8-1.2 billion dollars. In Last year to Belarus from Russia were delivered four sets of S-300 air defense system for the single Belarus and Russia. Accordingly freed earlier models of this system owned by Belarus, and one or two of them after the repairs can be sold — "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".It will be recalled that in Last year During his visit to Russia Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has signed agreements for the supply of military equipment in

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Alexander Chernyshev was sentenced to 15 days in jail

He is accused with little hooliganism. Alexander Chernyshev the institute in Poland programmke Kalinowski for the repressed Belarusian students.Earlier today in the court of the Central district of Minsk was sentenced to 10 days in jail Valentin Sokolovsky also for disorderly conduct.

Brest activist BSDP (Gromada) take the army with an unhealthy heart

Sovereign Fedoruk, who is a member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk), at one point called the draft board at the end of last week and was given a summons to come to the assembly point. Made this without taking into account the fact that once conscription is finished. In addition, more two years Marian reverse Fedoruk was recognized urban worthless draft commission to serve in the army, because the guy found heart disease.Marjan Fedoruk decided to appeal the decision to call him up for military service by sending a corresponding statement to the court of Leninsky district of

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Valentine Sokolovsky tribunal arrested for 10 days

Valentin Sokolovsky was arrested yesterday evening on the street by police in civilian clothes. He uttered. he looks like some kind of offender. But, at the site on Valentine Sokolowski made a protocol for disorderly conduct: they say he neprelichno cursing and waving his arms.In Central District Court now undergo further examination of the case 3 young oppositionists.

On the Japanese mentality, «Cobra», RADAR AND ENGINES SU-35 — Chinese experts

Military expert Linchuan Liu gave a lengthy interview where motivated the need to buy China Russian Su-35 fighters, reports now mil.news.sina.com.cn (material provided with some cuts — approx. «VP»).   According to the views of professional …, Su-35 has stealth capabilities and the ability to make a supersonic cruising flight, but has super maneuverability thanks to the use it 117S engines with thrust vector control. Then he surpasses even what third generation fighter (meaning fourth generation — for the convenience of further understanding the global system will be used to systematize generation fighters — approx. «VP»).   Su-35 resettled massive

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BPF candidates can not withdraw from elections

Soim BPF meeting September 20 restated its previous decision to remove candidates from the party with the election of the House of Representatives. Recall, August 30 was the Sejm decision, that candidates from the BPF should certainly not later than September 23 to apply to the district election commissions statements of withdrawal from campaign. Under the current decision candidates have the right complete role in the elections. So makarom, willing to continue the fight for deputy chair, can not get out of the election campaign, reports BelaPAN. For rewording 21 members voted Sojma, suparts — 10, one party member abstained.

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Libya released the funds for Bulgarian doctors

Basis for release of the Bulgarian nurses and medical doctors was a deal between the Libyan authorities and the European Union. Saturated negotiations between Tripoli and Brussels continued for several weeks. In soon their participated French president’s wife Cecilia Sarkozy and foreign affairs commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner.European Commission President Manuel Barroso referred Zhuze homecoming and freeing nurses and doctors "success for the European Union", a decision that likely made the full normalization of relations between Libya and the European Union:"I assured the Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi in our desire to normalize relations between the upcoming EU and Libya, and said to

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