A. Milinkevich: Behind people being criminal bargaining

"Who is behind Belarusian people crime occurs furtive trade, which leads to the stock sell-state wealth and loss of sovereignty. Once again, Belarusian citizens were held hostage inability autocratic regime to have a responsible and effective foreign and domestic policy.
Perfect for figures of official statistics hiding bankruptcy and incompetence of the ruling circles alternately defend national interests and pursue the necessary economic reforms. Cheap money is spent on unnecessary ideological anyone vertical and BRYU on numerous law enforcement agencies and oversight bodies to loss-making enterprises, the construction of arenas. Citizens and businesses have long been paying market prices for the use of gas in Russia and bargained difference remains in a narrow range privlastnyh officials.
Exclusionary accepted arrangement hidden from public scrutiny. The decision to sell Beltransgaz — State patrimony of all the people — adopted blind manner contrary to the wishes of the absolute majority people of Belarus and to the detriment of the public interest.
Becomes increasingly trivial futility and unsustainable patterns of development in Belarus, which inculcates Alexander Lukashenko. The complete collapse of the political course in relations with Russian Federation acutely jeopardizes the independence and sovereignty of Belarus. "
One hundred percent statement can be read on the website www.milinkevich.org
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